On December 9, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, got acquainted with special-purpose equipment purchased by the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) and modern ambulances purchased by the State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurance to be used in the liberated territories.

APA reports that the Minister of Emergency Situations, Colonel-General Kamaladdin Heydarov, gave a report to the head of state.

President Ilham Aliyev was informed that 100 "KamAZ" brand fire extinguishers and 50 "Iveco" brand fire extinguishers were purchased by the Ministry of Emergency Situations for fire protection in the liberated territories.

9 of the "Iveco" brand cars have already been imported, and 41 are expected to be imported in the first quarter of 2023.

It was reported that transportation of personnel, fire technical and rescue equipment, water and foaming agents to the fire place from "KamAZ" and "Iveco" cars, continuous supply of fire extinguishing agents to the fire place, evacuation of people and removal of objects from multi-storey buildings, rescue and fire extinguishers it will be used for lifting to the upper floors, extinguishing fires at a height through the carriage barrel, lighting the fire place, and at the same time for other auxiliary works.

It was pointed out that 5 "Nissan Patrol" brand, 11 "Lada Niva Travel" brand and "GAZEL" brand cars were used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for carrying out special rescue operations during various man-made and natural accidents and traffic accidents, and for transporting cargo and auxiliary materials in the liberated territories. 6 brand cars were purchased (3 of them were imported, and the others will be imported by the end of this year).

It was reported that 4 "GCS (Global Clearance Solutions) - 200" brand, diesel-engined, externally controlled, modern demining robots purchased by the ministry will be used in cleaning areas contaminated by anti-personnel and anti-tank mines in the liberated regions.

"Ural" brand cars are among the vehicles presented.

These cars are also designed for transporting cargo and carrying out other work in the event of a fire.

Then the head of state looked at the modern ambulances purchased by the State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurance.

Zaur Aliyev, Chairman of the Board of the State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurance, informed that the focus is on the increasing demand and the provision of newly established medical centers, stations, including hospitals built in our liberated territories with emergency medical vehicles.

Since 2020, the agency has purchased a total of 249 ambulances belonging to the brands "Fiat Doblo", 131 "Mercedes", and 34 "Ford Transit".

Also, special 2-differential (4x4) "Mercedes Vito" cars ensure comfortable and safe movement of the emergency medical team in mountainous terrain and off-road conditions.

Those cars were used in the evacuation of the wounded in difficult and off-road conditions during the 44-day Patriotic War.

It was reported that medical institutions operating in Baku city and other cities and regions of the republic, emergency and urgent medical aid stations are planned to be provided with a total of 1487 ambulances, and so far medical institutions have been provided with 909 medical aid vehicles.

There are a total of 65 Mercedes-Benz ambulances, 37 with a simple differential, 7 with a special 2 differential, 20 with a reanimobile and 1 with a perinatal bath.

The cars are equipped with a wide range of medicines and medical equipment, which allows the patient to start treatment on the way.

Thus, the set of cars allows the transportation of patients in any condition.

After the distribution of the newly purchased ambulances, the total number of ambulances in use across the country will be 974.


The Ministry of Emergency Situations was established by the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated December 16, 2005, in order to provide timely notification of natural and man-made emergency situations and manage their consequences in a flexible and efficient manner from a single center.

Thus, the foundation of a new stage in the systematic approach to the organization of disaster management at the state level was laid.

Organization of civil protection of the population, fire safety, safety of people in water bodies and rescue operations, neutralization of radioactive waste in the country,

the subordination of several state institutions, which perform important tasks such as technical safety in industry and mining and control of safety in construction, to the Ministry of Emergency Situations played an important role in ensuring more reliable protection of the population and territories from emergency situations.

During the past period, necessary work was done by the Ministry in order to ensure the centralized management of disasters in a systematic manner, in order to form the necessary normative legal and material-technical base, and to organize the related activities between the institutions performing various functions.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the activity of the Ministry, appropriate structural changes were made taking into account the challenges and threats of the time, and the activity of the regional centers was ensured.

In a word,

The personnel of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which considers the provision of safe life and activity of Azerbaijani citizens as its highest goal, has successfully coped with difficult challenges many times.

During the past years, the ministry has implemented prompt and effective intervention measures during fires, floods and floods, avalanches, destruction, landslides, earthquakes and other emergencies that occurred in residential, industrial and catering facilities, including large shopping centers, forests and open areas. emergency and rescue agencies have demonstrated their professionalism.

When the Ministry of Emergency Situations was created, most of the special-purpose vehicles and other vehicles and equipment in the balance of the subordinated institutions did not meet modern requirements due to their moral and physical wear and tear.

In accordance with the instructions of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, serious steps have been taken to modernize the technical park of the ministry, various machines and equipment manufactured by the most advanced countries of the world have been purchased at the expense of budget funds.

Special attention was paid to major repair and reconstruction works in the institutions of the Ministry, unusable administrative and technical buildings, warehouses were overhauled, and new ones were built and put into use.

The activity of 9 regional centers was ensured in the regions.

Modern fire-fighting, emergency-rescue vehicles,

It should also be noted that the forces and means of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with other relevant state bodies, were actively involved in demining operations in the territories freed from occupation from the first days.

From January 2021, the fortification teams of the Special Risk Rescue Service of the Ministry are carrying out demining operations in Agdam and Fuzuli regions.

Military unit No. N of the Special Risk Rescue Service of the Ministry was established in a short period of time in order to improve and speed up the quality of minesweeping works, with the deployment point in the city of Barda.

At present, the works of equipping the military unit with the most modern equipment and facilities are continuing rapidly.


10:38 a.m

On December 9, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, got acquainted with special-purpose equipment purchased by the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) and modern ambulances purchased by the State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurance to be used in the liberated territories.

APA reports that the Press Service of the President released information about this.