Wang Bisheng, commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, will personally visit Kinmen next Tuesday.

(Information photo, provided by the command center)

[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Taipei Report] The Kuomintang group recently called on the government to resume the mini-three links. Chen Fuhai, the quasi-mayor of Kinmen County, also emphasized that restarting the mini-three links is one of the first tasks after taking office.

However, the Central Epidemic Command Center considers the two major challenges of insufficient local epidemic prevention capacity and the rising epidemic of pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) in Wuhan, China. Commander Wang Bisheng will visit Kinmen next Tuesday and compile The evaluation opinions of the epidemic prevention end are provided to the MAC as a reference for whether to resume the mini-three links.

Wang Bisheng will go to Kinmen next Tuesday to inspect the Kinmen Hospital and the customs clearance and quarantine operations at Shuitou Port, including the small three-link inbound passenger movement and quarantine operations (passengers with symptoms will be tested), transportation for symptomatic passengers, and returning Chinese nationals to vaccinate against the new crown Vaccination operations, admission of confirmed cases in response to the resumption of mini-three links, etc.

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Wang Bisheng emphasized that it has not yet been decided whether to resume the mini-three links. Considering the lack of epidemic prevention capacity in Kinmen, the limited medical resources, and the rising epidemic situation in China, he is more worried that if this affects local residents and causes an increase in the number of confirmed cases, it may be possible to receive treatment. Unable to bear it, we must evaluate the transfer mechanism of ships and planes in advance, and then hope to go to the site to see the plan in person, and listen to the opinions of the county government and local people, and then provide the results to the MAC as a reference for whether to resume flights.

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