In the Bakhmut area, Russian troops use assault tactics by individual units and even small groups, suffering heavy losses there.

In an interview with, the head of Donetsk OVA, Pavlo Kyrylenko, told about this.

In particular, he confirmed the words of the head of the President's Office, Andriy Yermak, that "in Bakhmut 

, there are pictures, as if from the First World War

, of gloom and corpses of enemies who are not even taken away from the battlefield. They lay down hundreds of them without an idea, without honor."

"It is as the head of the Office said. This information is true.

The enemy has now changed their tactics somewhat

and is using assault tactics by their separate units, even in small groups. For example, a group of ten people goes without technical support. Before they go out, artillery training, and after that such small assault groups leave. As a rule,

they do not return in the opposite direction

," the leader of Donetsk region described the situation.

He also reported on the huge losses of Russian troops in the Bakhmut direction. 


Their bodies are literally stored in certain areas of the

front - where they carry out offensive actions and cannot break through the defenses. And there these bodies or fragments of these bodies are left by the enemy - everyone who is used in an offensive operation. That is, it is not only the regular armed forces of the Russian Federation, as well as private military companies like "Wagner", Kyrylenko said. 

He added that 200 occupiers die every day in the Bakhmut direction.

"They use such a tactic that they

take in numbers, a mass of manpower

. That is, they are "put" there, our defenders simply break them up, bring in new groups, new reinforcements, and they go and go again," explained the head of the OVA.

He also described the main objective of the enemy in the Bakhmut direction, but he is convinced that the enemy will not achieve it.

"The General Staff understands this very well, what their main goal is: if they don't even enter Bakhmut, then bypass it in order to open a further way to the north, the center of the region. But at the same time, the command also understands very well that the

enemy needs the city in order to to stop for the cold winter period

. But all measures are being taken to ensure that these attempts are unsuccessful, as they are now," Kyrylenko said.

We will remind, according to the adviser of the Office of the President Oleksiy Arestovich, the number of uses of Russian artillery is decreasing near Bakhmut.

This may indicate serious problems with ammunition and material part of the enemy.

Note that Bakhmut has no strategic importance for the Russian Federation.

Military expert Ivan Stupak believes that the aggressor country will capture the city in order to show the Russians "victory".

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