The monthly insurance amount of the new national insurance system has been increased

[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Taipei Report] From New Year's Day next year, the national annuity insurance rate will be reduced from the current 9.

5% was raised to 10%, and the monthly insured amount was also raised from 18,282 yuan to 19,761 yuan, which is estimated to affect 2.71 million people, and the monthly out-of-pocket premium per person will increase by 70 2 to 144 yuan, low-income households and those with severe or above disabilities will not be affected by the government's full subsidy of premiums, and about 2.4 billion yuan will be injected into the National Insurance Fund every year.

However, the payment amount has also been increased accordingly.

The subjects of national insurance coverage are those who are over 25 years old and under 65 years old, who have registered in China and have not participated in labor, agriculture, public education, military insurance, etc.

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The national insurance premium rate and monthly insurance amount will be adjusted in 2021 and 2015 respectively. Shang Dongfu, director of the Social Insurance Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said that according to the latest financial actuarial calculations, the balance of the national insurance fund is insufficient to pay insurance benefits for the next 20 years. The "National Pension Law" provides for an increase in the rate ○.

Five percent to ten percent, and the cumulative growth rate of the consumer price index eight.

○9%, has reached the statutory 5%, and the monthly insured amount must be adjusted, so it has been raised to 19,761 yuan.

However, the amount of various benefits has also been increased accordingly, such as an increase of 2,958 yuan in maternity benefits, an increase of 7,395 yuan in funeral benefits, and an increase of 96 yuan per month for the old-age benefits A and B with 10 years of service. Yuan, 192 Yuan.