The Center for Countering Disinformation found that during the ninth of December 2022, the occupiers spread:

  • Fake

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, O. Nikolenko, said that letters from the Consulate General of Ukraine in Dusseldorf started arriving at the postal addresses of German citizens with an offer to

join the foreign legion in Ukraine for a monetary reward

, but the Consulate General did not carry out such a mailing, and the information in the letters does not correspond to reality.

  • Manipulation 

The Russian mass media reported that "the Western press received an unspoken directive to declare the President of Ukraine V. Zelensky the "person of the year"... several foreign publications have already "honored" the Ukrainian leader with an honorary title."

  • Fake 

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported the destruction of 13 HIMARS surface-to-air missiles and their analogues within just 2 days.

At the same time, the total number of destroyed weapons of this type, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, reaches 44 units, but this information is completely untrue.

What fakes is spread by the Russian Federation

Russian propagandists spread a fake that the Ukrainian leadership allegedly does not even count the bodies of the dead in the 


area .

Meanwhile, near Bakhmut,

Russia is trying to destroy the Ukrainian military with a volley of fire and raids on the positions of the Ukrainian military

with a large number of manpower.

DTEK also 

created an official Telegram channel and warns about fake pages on the Internet


Therefore, Ukrainians were urged not to spread disinformation. 

Previously, Russian propaganda spread a fake that 

"the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a massive shelling of the ZNPP"

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