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The rules always seem to apply to someone else…

The parliamentary group of the BSP openly boycotted the rules of the parliament and defiantly started broadcasting the closed session of the parliament during the discussion on the military aid to Ukraine.

Some of the MPs were broadcasting live, others were just waving their phones around, even though they shouldn't have any technical devices on them.

BSP MPs broadcast the closed session live on the Internet


"The immunities of these BSP MPs, who broadcast a closed meeting of the National Assembly, should be removed and there should be an indictment.

There must be a judicial process, and in any case we are talking about punishments - imprisonment".

Khadzhigenov: MPs from BSP are in favor of prison, Rashidov will punish them by hiring them to sweep his studio


After the BSP sabotage: MPs made the debates on military aid to Ukraine public


Today it becomes clear what weapons we will give to Ukraine


Deputies discuss military aid to Ukraine in a closed session


Interesting… it turns out that the “public opinion” they are pushing at us is not mass, it is just loud and they chose to listen to it, for some reason…

Machine voting turns out to be a more preferred option for voting in elections.

Society rather considers the topic of Bulgaria's entry into the Schengen area as important, although for now it does not show any particular interest.

"Gallup": Machine vote turns out to be a more preferred option for voting



Since the caretaker cabinet has been in power, we have seen a shift towards not supporting the euro. We cannot stand with the lowest incomes in Europe and low GDP growth and expect to become a rich country. For this to happen, there must be conditions inflation should not be a shock blow, and that happens with investments".

PP: Since the caretaker cabinet has been in power, we have seen a shift towards not supporting the euro


"Bulgaria must adopt more laws and start implementing them,"

said the Dutch State Secretary for Justice and Security Erik van der Buerch to journalists last night, who participated in the meeting of interior ministers in Brussels and voted against the admission of our country into Schengen.

According to him, Bulgaria's problems are related to human rights and the fight against corruption.

Netherlands: Bulgaria has a problem with human rights and the fight against corruption


"Respect for Gabrovski's personality was expected, even from parties that said they would categorically not support his cabinet.

The presentation of this prime ministerial candidate was presented as non-political, but it cannot be


Political scientist: Gabrovski is a symbolic candidate without political authority



Shock: A patrol car chases a car with a clamp in place


As noted, the arrests took place a week before the opening of Strasbourg's famous Christmas market, which attracts up to two million visitors to the Alsace capital.

France neutralizes terrorist cell in Strasbourg


Trump charged with contempt of court, CNN reports.

The Justice Department is asking a federal judge to charge Trump with contempt of court for refusing to comply with a subpoena issued this summer requiring the former president to reveal documents designated classified, two people familiar with the situation said.

The penalty for contempt of court can be a fine or even a prison sentence.

Trump indicted for contempt of court