You Naiwen, the former head of the Labor and Financial Services Bureau of the Ministry of Labor, was impeached today by a unanimous vote by the Supervisory Council for the labor fund stock speculation case, and the case was transferred to the disciplinary court for trial.

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[Reporter Wu Shuwei/Taipei Report] The Board of Supervisors pointed out today that You Naiwen, the former head of the Labor Fund Utilization Bureau of the Ministry of Labor, used his position and power to conspire with others to speculate on specific stocks, to have banquets with stakeholders in his position, and to bully his colleagues in the workplace. Ling and others, and Cai Fengqing, the former director of Labor and Finance Bureau, has long shielded and condoned You Naiwen.

After investigation by Cai Chongyi and others from the supervisory committee, it was determined that the violations of the two persons affected the integrity of civil servants and the image of the institution, and proposed impeachment according to law.

The supervisory committee Cai Chongyi, Ye Yijin, Wang Meiyu, Lin Guoming, and Lai Zhenchang found that You Naiwen, as the head of the domestic investment team of the Labor and Financial Services Bureau, knew that Tang Chulie and Qiu Yuyuan of Baojia Group wanted to speculate on the stock of Far Eastern Department Store Co., Ltd., but since late July 2020 From September to September, he instructed the staff of the domestic investment team to buy 486 stocks of Yuanbai company in total. On August 12 of the same year, he bypassed the person who had the right to place an order and asked the staff of another company to place an order to buy Yuanbai A total of 6 shares of company stocks were traded.

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The supervisory committee pointed out that You Naiwen also instructed Fuhua, which was entrusted by the Bureau of Labor Finance to operate labor fund funds on its behalf, to buy the shares of Yuanbai Company in a unified way, in order to seek the interests of Baojia Group.

In addition, the Supervisory Committee found that when You Naiwen was studying for an EMBA degree at National Taiwan University, he participated in the business dealings with the Labor and Financial Services Bureau. The deputy general manager of "Yuan ○ Securities" surnamed Li and other classmates who had a business relationship with the Labor Insurance Bureau disclosed it and shared the expenses. He did not sign and report to the chief and inform the political affairs office for registration before and after the event, so he was reported in 2017.

However, the supervisory committee pointed out that in 2020, because You Naiwen knew that Baojia wanted to speculate on the stock of Yuanbai, he invited industry players to have a dinner in a private kitchen. The total cost was 61,160 yuan, which was written off by Baojia Company. In addition to the company and other stocks being worth investing in, after the meeting, You Naiwen also instructed Qiu Yuyuan and others to go against professional investment judgments and use their labor fund funds entrusted by the Labor and Financial Services Bureau to buy shares of Yuanbai Company.

Furthermore, the supervisory committee found that You Naiwen’s verbal humiliation and workplace bullying led to Sun’s previous inspection of the fixed income department of the Investment Group of the Labor Finance Bureau, which led Sun to “put an end to workplace bullying and create a friendly workplace environment…” when he resigned in 2019. E-mails were sent to colleagues to publicly express their dissatisfaction. Under You's strong leadership, the Labor and Financial Services Bureau forced colleagues in the Equity Securities Division to buy shares in Yuanbai Company and treated them with emotional violence. Up to 10 employees of the Equity Securities Division expressed dissatisfaction.

In addition, the supervisory committee also found out that You Naiwen bought stocks by placing orders online during working hours.

As for the impeachment of Cai Fengqing, the former director of the Labor and Financial Services Bureau, the Supervisory Committee pointed out that the Political Affairs Office of the Labor and Financial Services Bureau had reported to Cai Fengqing, who had just taken office as the director, that You Naiwen had been reported by others. Cai Fengqing originally wanted to adjust You Naiwen's position, but It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor to transfer jobs, and Cai Fengqing considered that the position of team leader requires long-term experience accumulation, so the HR Office withdrew the official job adjustment document.

Afterwards, the Supervisory Committee found out that the Personnel Office and the Political Style Office of the Labor Bureau informed Cai Fengqing after 2019 that You Naiwen had repeated drunk driving, improper drinking and banquets, and buying stocks at work, but Cai Fengqing did not deal with it until September 2020. Reporting You Naiwen bypassed the trading room to place an order, and the Labor and Finance Bureau’s Political Affairs Office accompanied the informant to the ICAC of the Ministry of Justice to make a report. The violations related to You Naiwen were first exposed, and the prosecution intervened in the investigation; was transferred.

The Supervisory Committee pointed out that civil servants should be cautious in their words and deeds, be honest and self-sufficient, and be vigilant and censored at all times to absolutely avoid any illegal or improper situations to maintain the reputation and image of the government. "Proverbs" and "Clarifying the Administration of Officials", and impeached You Naiwen and Cai Fengqing who were involved in the above-mentioned violations, so as to be vigilant.

Cai Fengqing, the former director of Labor and Finance Bureau, was found by the supervisory committee to have long-term cover-up and connivance with You Naiwen.

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