The New Taipei Police Tamsui Bureau cracked down on parking violations, and accidentally arrested Hu Yinshu, the former cleaning team leader of Tamsui Township who had been on the run for 4 years without being imprisoned for corruption, and brought him to justice.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Renjie)

[Reporter Wu Renjie/New Taipei Report] New Taipei Police Tamsui Police officers patrolled in front of St. John's University and found many cars illegally parked for meals. When the police stepped forward to stop them, a man walked quickly from the opposite road to move the car. After checking His identity was suddenly discovered to be Hu Yinshu, the former cleaning team leader of Tamsui Town Hall who had been on the run for four years without being imprisoned for corruption.

Police officer Huang Yuxiang from the Xianxiao Police Station of the Tamsui Police Sub-station and police trainee Zhang Yuxiu patrolled past the St. John’s University in Tamsui this morning and found many cars parked in violation of the red line. It was near noon for lunch. College students intertwined with passing vehicles to avoid traffic Accident, Huang, Zhang two people stepped forward to ban and drive away.

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But a man came over in a hurry and said, "I'm sorry, I'll drive away now." The police asked him to show his ID for inspection. He saw that the 69-year-old man surnamed Hu was a wanted criminal who was issued a crime of corruption by the police. The man was wearing a hat and a mask, and his face was obviously thin. After repeated confirmation of his identity, the police handcuffed him on the spot and sent him to the Shilin District Prosecutor's Office.

It is understood that Hu Yinshu used to be the acting captain of the cleaning team of Tamsui Township Office in New Taipei City. He was suspected of over-reporting the price of the bidding case and took back deductions from the manufacturer. The case was sentenced to 17 years in prison by the High Court and deprived of public rights for 6 years. He escaped before the execution. During the four years of his escape, he lived in no fixed place, went in and out in a low-key and cautious manner. During the epidemic, he wore a hat and a mask tightly when he went out. , in order to facilitate illegal parking, which attracted the attention of the police and accidentally exposed his identity as a wanted criminal.