Chen Fangyi's work on Yushan is the cover of the Yushan desk calendar of the Central Meteorological Bureau.

(Provided by Chen Fangyi)

[Reporter Lin Yizhang/Report from Chiayi] Chen Fangyi, an employee of the Alishan Meteorological Station of the Central Meteorological Administration, has served for 22 years. He has worked in the Yushan Meteorological Station, the tallest building in Taiwan at an altitude of 3,858 meters, for 10 years. He loves photography and has taken countless beautiful views of Yushan; The Bureau of Meteorology celebrated the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Yushan Meteorological Station and produced the 2023 Yushan desk calendar. Chen Fangyi took a picture of Yushan's magnificent sea of ​​clouds and became the cover of the desk calendar.

Chen Fangyi loves photography. When she was admitted to the Central Meteorological Bureau, she voluntarily distributed to Yushan Meteorological Station and served for 10 years. Later, she was transferred to Alishan Meteorological Station for 12 years.

He has photographed countless mountain scenery, and his work has been selected as the photo of the President's New Year's card, and has held photography exhibitions all over the country.

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He said that he used to work at the Yushan Meteorological Station. He worked on the mountain for one month and rested for half a month. He stayed on Yushan for a long time, so he took photos of the four seasons of Yushan and various conservation animals. He encountered the coldest temperature It is minus 17 degrees. "Tell others, but no one will believe it."

The Central Meteorological Bureau printed the 2023 Yushan desk calendar. The cover selected Chen Fangyi’s photograph of Yushan. The magnificent snow scene and sea of ​​clouds made people feel the aura of the highest peak in Northeast Asia. Rhododendrons in Yushan with blue sky and white clouds and images from Yushan Weather Station.

Yushan Meteorological Station has a long history. In 1943, at the end of the Japanese occupation, the Governor-General of Taiwan in Japan established a new Alpine Observatory on the North Peak of Yushan. After the Nationalist Government came to Taiwan in 1945, it was renamed the Yushan Observatory of the Taiwan Provincial Meteorological Bureau. Renamed as Yushan Meteorological Station of the Central Meteorological Bureau of the Ministry of Communications.

Chen Fangyi took photos of Rhododendrons in Yushan with blue sky and white clouds and Yushan weather station.

(Provided by Chen Fangyi)