There was a case of abandoned corpses in the seventh cemetery in Xinshe.

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[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] The "Taichung Tapestry Festival" has been busy recently, but there was a case of abandoned corpses in the No. 7 Cemetery in Xin Community near the exhibition area. The man in his 30s was initially estimated to have died for more than one day. The police initially It was judged that he was killed in another place, and the body was dumped there, and a task force is being formed to arrest the culprit.

According to the police investigation, some people saw the dead body of a man in his 30s in the weeds of the cemetery yesterday. The Dongshi police were reported to the cemetery for inspection yesterday, and the body was transported away for investigation.

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The male deceased showed his head, his face was thin, and his head was bleeding. There was a piece of cloth covering his body. There were many wounds on his body. It was determined that he had been tortured and beaten. According to the condition of the body, it was determined that he died for about 1 to 2 days.