The black cat raised by Nanzi Motorcycle Co., Ltd. has a friendly and cute personality.

(Photographed by reporter Cai Qinghua)

[Reporter Cai Qinghua/Kaohsiung Report] Two girls in Nanzi District, Kaohsiung City found a very cute black Micky cat in front of a motorcycle shop. They thought that no one kept it, so they took the cat home to take care of it. A month later, the police came to the door and pointed out that the black cat already had an owner. After the police questioned, it was sent to the Qiaotou District Prosecutor's Office for investigation based on the theft suspect letter.

Nanzi Police Station received a report in mid-October that a cat kept in a motorcycle shop on Qinan Road in Nanzi District was taken away by unknown people. Cats are clingy and cute.

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After the police received the report, they checked the surrounding surveillance cameras and found that two people were suspected of teasing the cat for a few minutes at the scene of the crime, and then took the cat to a nearby animal hospital for inspection without a chip. After renting a pet cage, they immediately hugged the cat Go, then ride away on the motorcycle.

After further investigation by the police on the customer records of pet cages rented by the animal hospital, after a long period of filtering and checking, the two suspects involved in the case were identified, namely a 22-year-old female Yang and a 21-year-old tall female. Notice to the case.

The two women said that they didn't know that the cat was a pet kept by someone, and they mistakenly thought it was a stray cat on the side of the road. Out of eagerness to love cats, they took the cat home to take care of after confirming that there was no microchip. The cat was returned immediately after being found by the owner. It was not intentional to steal the cat, but because the theft is a public prosecution, the police still have to send the two to justice according to law.

The black cat usually hangs around inside and outside the motorcycle shop (photographed by reporter Cai Qinghua)