The Ministry of National Defense announced the military developments around Taiwan yesterday.

(Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Defense)

[Reporter Wu Shuwei/Taipei Report] The Chinese People's Liberation Army continues to harass the sea and airspace around Taiwan, undermining the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. Four sub-warships were operating around the Taiwan Strait, 16 of which crossed the central line of the strait and its extension line into the southwest and southeast airspace, including two "H-6" bombers flying from the southwestern airspace of Taiwan all the way from the southeastern airspace of Taiwan.

This morning, the Ministry of National Defense disclosed the specific details of the 24-hour disturbance by Chinese military aircraft from the early morning of yesterday to the early morning of today; two "H-6" bombers flew from the airspace off the coast of Guangdong Province, China, into the southwest airspace of Taiwan, and flew all the way to the southeastern airspace of Taiwan. Then follow a similar route to fly back.

Another two "J-11" fighters and one "BZK-005" drone crossed the northern section of the center line of the Taiwan Strait.

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In addition, 1 "Yun 8" anti-submarine aircraft, 1 "Yun 8" long-range aircraft, 1 "BZK-007" UAV, 2 "J-10" fighters, and 5 "J-16" fighters were all from Fujian, China , Guangdong Province into the depths of Taiwan's southwest airspace, and then flew back on a similar route.

An "Air Police 500" early warning aircraft flew into the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone from the airspace northeast of Dongsha Island, and flew out of the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone after a short flight.

The Ministry of National Defense pointed out that the national military uses mission aircraft, ships and shore-mounted missile systems to closely monitor and respond.