Very stressful when being demoted to almost the lowest ranking on the British Royal Family website.

After Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8th

sends a clear signal that

Charles III will no longer hold his youngest son, Prince Harry.

To vent the despair of suppression. This work, nuclear bomb lovers.

"Prince Harry" and "Meghan Markle" therefore proceeded to avenge the royal family immediately.

The most hilarious is seen to be a new documentary series.

“Harry and Meghan” is currently airing on Netflix.

aimed at attacking the British royal family

The preview teaser opens with the question,

"Why would he want to do this documentary?" Prince Harry replied, "Nobody saw what was going on behind closed doors," while Meghan admitted, "Since people There is such a large stake.

Hearing from us ourselves makes sense.

Better than that, isn't it?"

“I had to do everything I could.

to protect my family.”

Ready to shout… “It's a dirty game.”

It is expected that in all 6 episodes of the documentary, there will be in-depth disclosures that

"Prince Harry" and his wife resigned from the duties of the British royal family and exposed the pain and suffering of a commoner married to a member of Windsor by comparing "Meghan" to

"The late Princess Diana"

This event, Netflix was able to find the perfect timing to promote the documentary.

because it is during the same period

Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales

is on an official visit to the United States

In addition to experiencing heavy drama from the current news of racism of "Lady Susan Hussey", Queen Elizabeth II's confidante.

which is sacred as the godmother of

"Prince William"

After being exposed to unacceptable behavior, "Lady Susan" was reluctant to immediately resign from the British Royal Family.

The racist incident occurred at a royal reception at Buckingham Palace on November 29th.

Sistah Space founder Ngozi Fulani, a black activist who has been at the forefront of helping black women victims of domestic violence, spoke out on “Today.” of BBC Radio 4 that the conversation on November 29 was like a police interrogation

really want to ask

How could this happen in a venue dedicated to protecting women victims of all forms of violence?

Although this is not violence by force.

But it's a form of harassment.

Earlier, "Ngosi" told the independent website in detail about the racist incident in Buckingham that I was "Lady SH" brushed her hair that was covering her name plate on her chest.

to see names during a royal reception hosted by Queen Camilla

among more than 300 guests attending the event

SH : Where are you from?...Ngosi : The Zistah Space Foundation

SH : No Where are you from?...Ngosi : Our office is in Hackney

SH : No, she came. From which part of Africa...Ngosi : They didn't record it.

SH : You must know. Where are you from?

I've been in France before.

Where did you come from

? N Gosi: It's here.


SH : Where did you actually come from?

Where do your people come from?

N Gosi : Your people?

What do you mean by ma'am?

SH: I think it's hard for her to say where she's from.

When did you first come here?

N Gosi : Madam, I am a British citizen.

My parents came here in the 1950s.

SH: I finally realized that.

She's Caribbean.

N'Gosi: No, I have African roots.

I am of Caribbean descent and hold British citizenship.

Buckingham Palace had to issue a statement that

What was said was unacceptable and deeply regrettable.

The person involved has apologized for what happened and resigned from his role of honour.

If "Prince Harry" came out to reveal the name of the royal family who made racist comments about his son "Archie" until "Meghan" thought of suicide, this time the British monarchy would be greatly shaken. Another round!!

Miss Sapphire