Linsen Lane 1 in Pingtung City was reopened to traffic, and the nearby residents were very happy.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)

[Reporter Ye Yongqian/Pingtung Report] Linsen Road 1, Pingtung City, which is connected to the campus of Pingtung University, has finally resumed traffic after being closed by the landlord for nearly 7 years. To make it more convenient, the road was originally regarded as an existing laneway, but the landlord raised an objection to the court and closed the road. After hard work, the urban plan was changed and the land was expropriated for a road, and traffic was finally resumed.

Alley 1, Linsen Road, Pingtung City is an important road for teachers and students of Pingtung University and nearby people to come and go. The road is 8-12 meters wide and has been used for decades. The process of expropriation has not been completed. Seven years ago, the landlord surnamed Hong believed that public land such as water conservancy land in the adjacent road could be used, and that private land should not be used as a road. He filed a lawsuit with the Pingtung District Court to return the land, and demanded the sewage and drainage under the road The facilities had to be moved out at the same time, and with the approval of the court, the Linsen Road Alley was closed, triggering a backlash from the local people.

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The county government, city hall, and local public opinion representatives kept communicating with the landlord, hoping to adopt a better way to deal with or expropriate, but without the landlord’s consent, the county government had to demolish the housing facilities that occupied the water conservancy land first, and then spent 1,600 yuan to relocate the pipeline And redo the ditch, then change the urban plan, and then change the section of Linsen Road back to the road. After nearly 7 years of hard work, the lane of Linsen Road has finally been reopened to traffic, and the traffic has returned to the original convenience, allowing local people are quite happy.

When Linsen Road 1 Lane was closed, nearby residents pulled white cloth strips to protest.

(File photo, photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)