The sacrificial ceremony Xingji Palace replica version Baosheng the Great led thirty-six officials to enshrined the gods.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] Taijiang Ancestral Temple Grand Guanyin Pavilion and Sacrifice Xingji Palace won the "Religious Public Welfare Deep Cultivation Award" awarded by the Executive Yuan this year. From now until the 11th, the "Guanxing Style 10 Years of Major Events Achievement Exhibition" will be held. Collection of publications issued by Tinggong from 2011 to 2020, as well as records of religious and cultural activities exchanged with all walks of life. Among them, the rare 103 cm high "Shenzhu version" is the most eye-catching; there is also the Baosheng Emperor's swab as far away as the European Czech Exhibition Waiting for the chronicle, welcome all walks of life to visit and exchange.

Commonly known as "big talismans", "Shen Yu" is often made of woodcut rubbings of god images for believers to ask for. "Shen Yu" stamped with temple seals is almost equivalent to a clone of the god, allowing believers to worship at home; The Ji Palace "Baosheng Emperor Leading 36 Officials and Generals" is a rare large size (103.2×49.8×4.7 cm), which has a high evaluation in history, culture and art. It is currently collected by the Taiwan Museum of History and produced The engraved version was given to the temple.

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The temple said that Emperor Baosheng led 36 officials to export the gods and gods only during important ceremonies, most of which were used as gifts in return for accompanying people. So far, there are not many units.禡version".

In addition, at the invitation of Chengda Museum, Baosheng Emperor’s swab was exhibited across the sea to the Czech Museum in Europe, allowing Westerners to see the religious medical methods of Baosheng Emperor and the unique religious beliefs of the East; there is also the "311 Japan Tsunami Earthquake" temple Fang donated 10 million yen to the local Red Cross Society, and later participated in the unveiling ceremony of the "Spirit Monument" held by a Japanese Taoist temple. He felt the love of Japanese friends thanking the Taiwanese, and shared it with the audience through this exhibition.

The Grand Avalokitesvara Pavilion and Xingji Palace have been awarded the "Religious Public Welfare Award" by the Ministry of the Interior for 10 consecutive years, and this year won the "Religious Public Welfare Deep Cultivation Award" from the Executive Yuan. Therefore, the "10-year Memorabilia Achievement Exhibition of Guanxing Style" was specially held. .

Civil Affairs Bureau Chief Jiang Linhuang, Legislative Concubine Chen Tingfei and other civil representatives came here, affirming Tinggong's sense of responsibility for the inheritance of religious culture.

Jiang Linhuang said that there are 1,647 registered temples in Tainan City, and because it is the earliest developed area in Taiwan, many temples have the qualifications of "founding foundation" and "ancestral temple". With its long history as an old temple, it is an example to take the lead in promoting religious and cultural education.

The Grand Avalokitesvara Pavilion and Xingji Palace will hold the "Exhibition of Achievements in the 10 Years of Guanxing Style" from now until December 11.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

Representatives from the temple participated in the unveiling ceremony of the "Spirit Monument" held in Japan, and the Japanese side presented a reduced version of the monument to the Daguanyin Pavilion and Xingji Temple.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

The Grand Avalokitesvara Pavilion and the Xingji Temple, which is dedicated to offering sacrifices, won the Executive Yuan's "Religious Public Welfare Deep Cultivation Award" this year.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)