Residents in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City raised a large number of rabbits at home, but the environment was messy. The city government initially checked that the rabbits were in good condition and there was no abuse.

(Photographed by reporter Wei Jinyun)

[Reporter Wei Jinyun/Taoyuan Report] A 61-year-old citizen surnamed Ke in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City likes small animals. He has a large number of rabbits at home, but the house is full of vegetable leaves, rabbit feces and garbage. The environment is dirty and smelly, and the neighbors can't stand it , has been described as a "horror rabbit's nest".

After the survey this morning, the relevant units quickly captured 79 rabbits in the house for emergency placement in the afternoon. Next week, they will send personnel into the house to help clean up, and will also conduct a comprehensive investigation to see if there are any "rabbits that slipped through the net."

Taoyuan City Animal Protection Director Wang Deji pointed out that the owner surnamed Ke loves animals very much. Based on personal emotions, he is full of love for rabbits. This morning, although the rabbits are in good condition and no abuse has been found, the breeding environment is not appropriate, so It was decided to catch them in the afternoon, and send the rabbits to schools, ranches and other legal places for emergency resettlement, and no fines will be issued for the time being; as for the owner surnamed Ke, the Taoyuan City Government Health Bureau and Social Affairs Bureau will send staff to care next week.

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This "Horror Rabbit Nest" is located in an apartment in Jinlingli, Pingzhen District. The balcony and living room are full of vegetables, garbage, and mud that can't be distinguished from rabbit feces or mud. Rabbits of different sizes are in groups Nested in different corners, even wearing a mask, you can still feel the smell in the air.

There is a mattress by the wall of the living room, which is Ke Nan’s shelter, but there are rabbits jumping up and down from time to time, and the clothes hanging on the wall are suspected to be too long since they haven’t been worn, and they are also full of spider webs.

As for spaces such as kitchens, toilets, and vacant rooms, the environment is too dirty and unusable, and it has become a playground for rabbits.

Zhuang Yusheng, head of the Jinling District, said that Ke Nan lived there for 3 to 40 years. There were originally a family of 4, but Ke Nan's wife passed away from cancer many years ago. After the child grew up, he also moved to the south-central area because the home environment was too dirty, leaving Ke Nan to live alone.

Zhuang Yusheng pointed out that two years ago, Ke Nan raised hundreds of rabbits at home, causing the environment to be dirty and disturbing the neighbors. At that time, relevant units were invited to intervene. At that time, a total of 164 rabbits were caught and sent to legal authorities. location, and clean up Ke Nan's house.

Unexpectedly, Ke Nan secretly kept several rabbits while the cleanup personnel were not paying attention, and there were many more in the past two years.

Zhuang Yusheng said that Ke Nan is very caring, but he can't even take care of himself, and he can't take good care of these rabbits, and the dirty environment has also caused great trouble to the neighbors. After months of constant communication, he is willing to let someone come and take care of them. Rabbits take away.

Ke Nan was interviewed and said that he likes small animals very much. A few years ago, he saw other people raising rabbits and thought they were cute, so he brought two home to keep him company.

He said with a smile that there were only two rabbits at first, but the more the rabbits were born, the more he raised them. Because he was unable to work due to a stroke, he relied on the 8368 yuan from the labor insurance to buy feed and vegetables for the rabbits every month. After eating instant noodles, I feel quite sad that the rabbit will be taken away.

A man surnamed Ke in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City raised a large number of rabbits at home. The mess and stench caused neighbors to protest. The city government will conduct an investigation today and remove 79 rabbits from the house for emergency resettlement.

(Photographed by reporter Wei Jinyun)

A man surnamed Ke living alone in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City raised a large group of rabbits at home, and he slept on a mattress in the living room. The environment was dirty and smelly, causing neighbors to complain.

(Photographed by reporter Wei Jinyun)

The Animal Protection Department of Taoyuan City Government invited relevant units to conduct a survey this morning, and then dispatched personnel to capture rabbits for emergency resettlement this afternoon.

(Photographed by reporter Wei Jinyun)