Taiwan Capital University.

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[Reporter Yang Mianjie/Taipei Report] Taiwan’s Capital University will be closed next year, and the Ministry of Education has re-formed the board of directors. However, the Higher Education Union said today that the new public welfare directors include Chen Dehua, the former government minister of the Ministry of Education who was criticized as the “door god” of private schools. , calling on the Ministry of Education to withdraw and Chen to resign voluntarily.

Taiwan Capital University was listed as a special counseling school in the private school exit review meeting in August this year. Recently, it has been further confirmed that it will be closed after the end of July next year. The Ministry of Education has approved the school’s 111 school year to stop enrolling and comprehensively reorganized the board of directors according to law.

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According to Article 14, Item 1 of the Regulations on the Exit of Private Schools, after the complete suspension of enrollment in the secondary schools, all the original directors should be dismissed, and "full-time teaching staff" and "scholars and experts" should be appointed to reorganize the board of directors to protect the rights and interests of teachers and students.

However, the labor union of higher education said that among the list of 9 new public directors of Taiwan Capital University, there are only 3 staff representatives elected by the school, which is not representative enough. Chen Dehua, the former retired political secretary of the Ministry of Education, is reappointed, which is like "old wine in a new bottle", ignoring the legislative intent of the exit regulations to request the removal of the original director.

The higher education union said that according to the staff of Taiwan First University, Chen Dehua was invited by the board of directors of Taiwan First University to serve as the seventh director. During the four years of serving as directors with Wu Qingji and others, he did not fulfill his responsibility of supervising school affairs.

In addition, in April this year, there was no proper communication with teachers and students, that is, the vicious application for suspension of enrollment without warning, and even hastily applied for suspension in May, forcing the students of the National Capital University to hold multiple rallies to protest the "vicious exit". Chen Dehua did not uphold justice during the process .

Even the board of directors was only willing to pay the teachers two months' severance pay, which was far below the statutory standard, and Director Chen Dehua did not express any objection.

Its stance clearly only cares about the interests of the board of directors, not the rights and interests of teachers and students.

The higher education trade union mentioned that after investigation, Chen Dehua served as a director of Taiwan Capital University, and also escorted Taiwan Capital University's policy of "promotion without salary promotion" that illegally deducted employees' salaries.

The school's move has recently been ruled by the Tainan District Court as a violation of the school's law, requiring Taiwan First University to repay the 4 million yuan salary of nine school staff who have been deducted for a long time.

However, Chen Dehua has repeatedly claimed at school meetings in the past that the school is legal and correct, and his supervisory duties are obviously negligent, which also caused the school to lose the lawsuit and is not responsible.

The higher education trade union also questioned that when Chen Dehua served as the seventh director of Taiwan Capital University, he knew that the children of the former chairman Ying Xiufeng were not suitable to be the administrative directors of the school and affiliated institutions, but they let it go. The school funds were improperly used or benefits were transferred. , and Chen Dehua has not been actively supervised and investigated.

In the future, if Chen Dehua serves as the director and liquidator of the school's exit stage, will the school's assets flow to specific people?

Will the old boardroom profiteering controversy that should be pursued be gently let go?


The higher education trade union also pointed out that Chen Dehua, a former retired senior official of the Ministry of Education, has been in charge of higher education business for a long time, and even served as the political undersecretary.

After his retirement, he should have taken the initiative to "avoid suspicion".

However, after retirement, Chen Dehua did not shy away from serving as a director of private schools and as a chair professor in many schools. He has long been severely criticized and suspected of being a "keeper" of private schools.

The labor union of higher education emphasized that a number of Taiwan Capital University faculty members have voluntarily filed petitions, advocating that the Ministry of Education should immediately withdraw Chen Teh-hua's directorship, and call on Chen Teh-hua to voluntarily resign from the directorship to demonstrate public trust.

The Taiwan Capital University faculty will continue to protest to the end, and the higher education union will also call on college faculty across the country to continue to monitor and speak out.