The policy of raising the minimum wage to 600 baht per day by the year 2027 of the Pheu Thai Party became a political hot topic.

because the issue of increasing the minimum wage is a thorn in the chest of the government, 3 uncles

Causing Uncle Da Na's children to come out and attack the Pheu Thai Party's minimum wage policy as an outrageous policy that can't really be done.

The big capital groups chorused against the Pheu Thai Party's minimum wage increase.

Because the wage adjustment makes the magnate and the department store owner lose all benefits

Importantly, he believes that if the Pheu Thai Party becomes the government, it will definitely follow the campaign policies!!

In contrast to the Palang Pracharat Party, which showed its policy of increasing the minimum wage to 425 baht per day.

But 4 years have passed and still can't do as advertised.

"Mother Luk Chan" supports raising the minimum wage in line with the rising cost of living every year.

So that workers who use labor have enough income with real expenditures!!

Important point: The policy to increase the minimum wage to 600 baht per day is not a one-time adjustment.

But gradually adjusted over the next 4 years according to the economic growth

If the daily wage of 354 baht is used as the base for the calculation, the minimum wage must be increased by an additional 246 baht within 4 years.

But if the average is divided by 4 years, each year, the minimum wage is only 61 baht per day.

If the Pheu Thai Party reverses the economic downturn, it will return to running as before.

The policy to adjust the minimum wage to 600 baht per day is definitely possible!!

Because when the economy recovers

profitable trading

Employers, capitalists, business owners, must adjust wages to employees according to humanitarian principles.

employees when receiving fair wages

There will be encouragement and dedication to work.

Make profits for employers at the door.

When laborers have enough income to support themselves...

The social inequality crisis will become noticeably narrower.

In conclusion, the minimum wage policy of 600 baht within 4 years is not a policy to sell dreams and is not an economic disaster as Sia Heng came out to rant.

"Mother Luk Chan" emphasized that the Thaksin government was diligent in raising the minimum wage every year.

because the government makes the economy boom

The Yingluck government announced a policy to adjust the minimum wage to 300 baht per day throughout Thailand.

Increase the minimum wage, one bang, 106 baht per day!!

The minimum wage of 300 baht did not ruin the economy like he attacked.

Prime Minister Uncle Tu's government

in power for more than 8 years, raising the minimum wage 3 times, in total, increasing the income of employees by only 54 baht per day

2 times less than the Ye Pu government!!

In summary, any government that favors capital groups tends to think that the minimum wage increase will cause employers to lose profits.

Any government that is not indifferent to capital groups will take advantage of workers as the main priority.

The chicken sees the snake's feet, the snake sees the chicken's milk like this.

"Mother of the Moon"