Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said today that "the actions of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti have led to the brink of armed clashes" and expressed the opinion that under UN Security Council Resolution 1244, Serbia has the right to return a certain number of its troops to Kosovo, reported Tanyug.

"Everything Kurti is doing now poses a threat not only to the Serbs, but also to the Albanians and to the whole of Europe," Burnabic said.

"This is 19th century politics. I'm very worried and couldn't sleep last night. Kurti brought us all, Serbs and Albanians, to the brink of war. But he didn't do it alone. We have total neglect from partners and The EU, which does not react or reacts only when we are on the brink of fire," said the Serbian prime minister.

She accused the NATO and EU KeyFOR and EULEX missions of not doing their job not only according to the Brussels agreement, but also according to the Kumanovo agreement, and that they do not protect the Serbs in Kosovo either in the northern part or south of the Iber River, BTA reported.

"That's why we are very close, and I think that today President Aleksandar Vucic

Aleksandar Vucic - Serbian lawyer and politician. Aleksandar Vucic was born on March 5, 1970 in Belgrade.

will provide more information about his meetings and under Resolution 1244 to request that our forces return to Kosovo.

Because KFOR is not doing its job and the Serbs in Kosovo cannot feel safe," said Ana Brnabic.

Vucic: The international community is on the side of Kosovo

Resolution 1244 inter alia provides for the return to Kosovo of up to 1,000 Serbian soldiers and police under certain conditions and to carry out only certain tasks, such as liaison with international security forces, marking and clearing minefields, maintaining a presence in Serbian historical sites, maintaining of presence at key border points.

Serbian soldiers and police may return to perform these tasks only and only with the consent and supervision of KFOR.

This means that according to UN Security Council Resolution 1244, there is no possibility of sending 1,000 troops for any reason other than the aforementioned four or without prior agreement.

Alexander Vucic



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