An inspector of the Southern Police sent his household registration to his friend's house for the convenience of receiving judicial documents and parcels. However, this year, his friend was elected village chief. He also went to vote but did not have the fact of living. He was arrested as a "ghost population".

(Photo by reporter Wang Jie)

[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] A rare electoral recall law occurred in Tainan. A police officer surnamed Li was detained by the Tainan City Police Department according to the electoral strike law. I sent my account to my friend's house, but this year my friend was elected as the head of the village. However, he was found to have no living fact and was identified as a "ghost population".

Inspector Li used to get off work in the police department in the urban area. He usually rented a house for the convenience of commuting to and from work. However, the police work is an intrusive administration, and he is often sued by the public. In order to facilitate the receipt of judicial documents, the household registration is sent to relatives. At home, relatives later used the house for him, so he sent the household registration to a friend's house about a year ago, because the friend told him at the time that there was someone at home 24 hours a day, and he could collect parcels and letters for him at any time.

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However, there is no fact that Inspector Li lived in his friend's house. This time, his friend was elected as the mayor. The investigator found that not only did Inspector Li not live there, but he also went to vote in this election. One person sent his household registration, and he sent up to 20 people related to the household registration. He was suspected by the police as a "ghost population".

But the city research station was worried about leaking secrets, and finally coordinated with the branch office and the city research station to send out one person each to summon Li Xunzuo to take notes.

However, Inspector Li was very dissatisfied when he heard that he was summoned early this morning. He immediately reported to the branch office that there is no management room in the rented house, and the working hours are not fixed. He entrusted a friend to send the household registration for the convenience of receiving mail, unless he saw a warrant. Otherwise, if you do not cooperate with the summons, the prosecution will finally issue a warrant for arrest.

According to the investigation, they all knew that Inspector Li did not intend to violate the election strike law, but there are many people who moved into the household registration together. If other people summoned and did not pass on Inspector Li, others would feel that it was unfair.

When Inspector Li went to the local prosecutor, he defended himself. If he wanted to be a "ghost population" to support a specific candidate, how could he have moved into a friend's house a year ago? The prosecutor let Inspector Li leave within 10 minutes of interrogation, but Afterwards, they will also be investigated by the sub-bureau for restoring transcripts.