As a result of a rocket attack on the outskirts of Kharkiv, one man died, two more are fighting for their lives.

At half past nine in the evening, the Russians hit two private houses in the suburbs of Kharkiv with rockets.

Houses were half-crushed, neighboring houses were also damaged, TSN reports. 

All three victims were brought to the hospital at night immediately after their arrival.

The most serious - a 40-year-old man fought for his life all night, however, the injuries were too severe and doctors could not save him.

Two more women, aged 41 and 64, are now under the supervision of doctors.

Doctors assess their condition as moderate.

All the wounded are residents of the same house in a village near Kharkiv.

At the time of the rocket attack, everyone was already at home.

At first, the neighbors say, they heard the work of the air defense system, and were just about to run to the corridor, when their house was hit.

A large family lived in it - a couple with a child, grandparents.

It was he who tried to save his son-in-law immediately after his arrival.

"The son-in-law just ran to his daughter, looks, hears a moan.

I am with him, and he is "blood".

He began to apply the tourniquet.

It flew into the private sector.

There are no military units near here, and the boys are not standing anywhere," says the deceased's father-in-law. 

Another house is half-crushed, the roof is destroyed, one of the rooms has turned into a pile of bricks, and in the yard there is a huge crater from a rocket.

Another rocket flew into a yard on a nearby street.

Fortunately, there were no people in this house.

The force of the impact was so powerful that the car was thrown from the neighboring yard to another yard.

"We only had time to jump out into the corridor with the child.

I was alone with my son and just managed to cover him.

At that moment, the flight happened, the house shook.

We heard that the anti-aircraft defense was working and then there was such a loud roar and it became clear that something was going to happen now," the rescued woman says. 

"Very loud whistling, ran out into the corridor between two walls, fell and everything that is happening.

Windows, the whole house burst.

The car was thrown away.

The garage, the summer kitchen, the barn - everything was broken," people show. 

Now the people from the destroyed houses are trying to restore at least some order, they are taking the survivors, they have already found temporary shelter with their relatives until they rebuild their homes.

In general, a dozen private houses were damaged in the shelled Bezlyudivska and Pisochynska communities.

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