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The West's attempts to maintain its hegemony on the international stage are increasing the potential for conflict around the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin said today

Vladimir Putin - Russian politician.

Born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. President in a video address to the participants of a meeting of the defense ministers of the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Organization of Independent States (OIS), reported Reuters, quoted by BTA.

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Russian invasion of Ukraine 8508

"The conflict potential around the world is increasing and this is a direct consequence of the attempts of some Western elites to preserve their political, economic, financial, military and ideological hegemony by all possible means," Putin said, as quoted by TASS.

The Russian president accused the Western elites of "deliberately moving towards spreading chaos and exacerbating the international situation".

According to Putin, the United States and its satellites rely on force.

"They have effectively destroyed the decades-old architecture of strategic stability, aggressively expanding the geographic scope of NATO's expansion," he said.

According to him, in order to contain and block any alternative development models, the US resorts to illegal economic and trade sanctions, uses the technologies of color revolutions to overthrow inconvenient governments and ignites military conflicts, increasing the degree of tension and confrontation with its frank provocations. in different regions of the world.

Western countries have turned Ukraine into a colony and are using the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder, as a battering ram against Russia, Putin said.

"For years, the West has shamelessly pumped and exploited (Ukraine's) resources, encouraged genocide and terror in Donbas, effectively turned that country into a colony, and is now cynically using the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder, as a battering ram against Russia, and continuing to supply Ukraine with weapons and ammunition, sending mercenaries, is pushing her down the path of suicide," the Russian president said.

Putin noted that the current events in Ukraine are severe consequences of the US's desire to maintain its hegemony at all costs.

"I am convinced that the nature and scale of modern threats place increased demands on our interaction along the lines of the defense ministries," added the Russian leader during his video address to the meeting of the SCO and the CIS.

Putin also expressed confidence that the close partnership in the field of defense will increase the authority and influence of the member states of the two organizations and contribute to the strengthening of security and stability in Eurasia and the world as a whole, serving to further develop the traditions of friendship and trust between the parties.

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The Russian president expressed the opinion that the emergence of a multipolar world order is an objective historical process.

"The contours of a true multipolar world order are forming before our eyes. It is simply impossible to oppose these objective historical processes," Putin said, noting that new centers of development are being formed in Asia, Africa and Latin America, which are increasingly - actively defend their national interests, protect their sovereignty and the right to their own path of development.

Putin said that he considered the meeting of the defense ministers of the SCO and the CIS to be very important and timely, and expressed hope that such joint work would allow "to successfully solve the widest range of issues, primarily those related to the defense of external threats, with the guarantee of global and regional security".

Russian invasion of Ukraine

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