It is likely to be closely watched for flights from Casablanca, Morocco to Istanbul, Turkey.

when experiencing repeated incidents

A group of passengers created a false situation to make the plane make an emergency landing.

The latest issue is

There was a woman who announced that she was about to give birth.

Captain of Pegasus Airlines

therefore took the plane to make an emergency landing at Al Prat Airport

Barcelona in Spain

But as soon as the plane landed, 28 passengers ran out of their uniforms and tried to escape.

The Spanish police work fast.

After arresting 14 Zalawans, the rest continued to search for them.

While the girl who claimed to be close to giving birth

When the doctor examined it, it was clear that she was pregnant but not close to giving birth.

So he was arrested for causing unrest in a public place.

Spanish authorities say five out of 14 people will be deported.

The rest will be banned from entering Spain.

without revealing the nationalities of the passengers

Last year there was a group of passengers flying from Casablanca to Istanbul.

Escaping an emergency plane that landed on the runway of Spain's Palma de Mallorca because of a fraudulent situation created ... Oh, how is this route!!

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