The banknotes are the currency of Laos, and the value of Taiwan dollars is about 1.8 yuan.

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[Reporter Xu Guozhen/Taichung Report] The people surnamed Xu found a thousand-yuan foreign currency, but couldn’t tell which country’s money it was for a while. They were worried that they would cause trouble if they picked it up or discarded it privately, so they took it to the police station to collect it. The police carefully compared it and found that it was According to the latest exchange rate, a thousand-yuan bill in Laos is only worth about one and eight cents (1.8 yuan) in Taiwan dollars; Xu Nan laughed at himself in embarrassment when he heard this: "If you drop two yuan on the ground, you may not pick it up. Don't report it!"

Afraid of causing trouble, the police found out that it was Lao banknotes

The Civil Code stipulates that when the value of the found object is converted to less than 500 yuan, the finder can keep it for one month and then return it to the finder.

However, the police reminded that it cannot be used during the storage period, otherwise it may be charged with the crime of embezzlement. Xu Nan was surprised and said that he really learned a lot.

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The store manager surnamed Xu who is engaged in the surveillance related industry in Zhongqing Road, North District, Taichung City said that when he walked out of the store at the end of last month, he saw this banknote on the ground that he had never seen before, because he couldn’t understand which country’s money it was. Guessing that it might be the currency of a Southeast Asian country, I waited for about five minutes at the scene but the owner did not show up, so I decided to send it to a nearby police station to collect it.

The police registered the banknotes picked up by Xu Nan according to the lost and found procedures, and then checked the results online, only to find that Laos issued 1,000-yuan banknotes, which were only worth about NT$1 based on the exchange rate of the day.

eight yuan.

Do not use it during the storage period to avoid lawsuits

Xu Nan said that the value of a thousand foreign currency is less than two Taiwan dollars, and he was afraid of causing trouble to call the police, but he did not expect that it would be more troublesome to keep it by himself, and the storage period cannot be used. note.

The police said that finding items under 500 yuan will not be sent to the police station, and they will be kept for one month to obtain ownership. When people pick up low-priced items, they don't have the knowledge of how to deal with them correctly. Therefore, they are reminded to understand the laws and regulations and protect themselves so that their good intentions and kindness will not be compromised.