On the 9th International Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Day, the United Kingdom and Canada announced additional sanctions against individuals and entities in countries such as Russia, Iran, and Myanmar.

Pictured on February 10, 2021, Myanmar people held signs on the streets of Yangon to protest against the military government of Myanmar launching a coup to overthrow the democratically elected civilian government.

(European News Agency)

[Compiled Zhang Peiyuan/Comprehensive Report] The 9th coincides with the "International Anti-Corruption Day and Global Human Rights Day" (International Anti-Corruption Day and Global Human Rights Day). human rights defenders, and perpetrators of conflict-related sexual violence.

The UK government has targeted sanctions for abuses of prisoners and the mobilization of the military to sexually abuse civilians.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said the sanctions had further revealed those behind heinous violations of fundamental human rights.

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The targets of UK sanctions come from 11 countries, including 10 officials of the Iranian judiciary and prison system, several members of the Burmese military government, Colonel Ibatullin, commander of the Russian 90th Tank Division, and Mali armed groups involved in sexual violence. The Macina Liberation Front, as well as several South Sudanese officials who were also involved in sexual violence, among others.

On the same day, Canada imposed new sanctions on Russia, Iran and Myanmar, alleging that the governments of these countries have committed human rights violations.

The sanctions include 33 current or former Russian officials and six entities for "systematic violations" of the human rights of Russians who oppose Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to Canada's foreign ministry.

In addition, Canada also sanctioned 22 Iranians, including senior officials of the country's judicial, prison and law enforcement agencies, as well as political leaders such as senior assistants to Iran's supreme spiritual leader Khamenei (Ayatollah Ali Khamenei), as well as high-level state-run media; as for Myanmar On the other hand, 12 individuals and 3 entities who assisted the junta in its abuse and delivery of arms were sanctioned.