[Reporter Wu Renjie/New Taipei Report] Triple Shocking Report of the Mummy Case!

The female tenant of a rental suite in Sanchong District, New Taipei City could not pay the rent, and neighbors reported that there was a strange smell. The landlord came to check this afternoon (9th) and saw that there was a mummy in the room. The police judged from the appearance of the mummy that it was at least Half a year after the death, the daughter of the deceased may have been with the corpse for half a year. She was suspected of being mentally unstable. She argued that "the mother asked not to disclose the news of the death."

Preliminary understanding shows that a mother and daughter originally lived in this suite on Sanhe Road in Sanchong City. The deceased was a 53-year-old woman surnamed Wang. Police found that the body had been air-dried for a long time. The surnamed daughter is still incense in the house, suspected to be trying to cover up the smell of the corpse.

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The police questioned the daughter of the deceased, and found that she spoke incoherently and was suspected of being mentally unstable. She argued several times that her mother had told her that she could not tell others about her death.

According to reports, it is not ruled out that Lin was unable to afford the funeral, so she lived in the same room with her mother. It was not until the rent arrears and the odor were reported that she was found by the landlord. The exact cause of death is still to be clarified by the police.