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In the coming year, Montana will be the center of many events in mass and professional sports.

This was stated by the mayor Zlatko Zhivkov at a press conference the day after he returned from a ceremony in the European Parliament, where the city was declared the European City of Sports for 2023, the Municipality announced.

The mayor of Montana presented a flag and a plaque with the title presented to him by the organizers of the ACES EUROPE ranking.

The other Bulgarian city that will be the "European Small City of Sports for 2023" is the city of Byala, Varna region.

The ceremony also announced the selection of Sofia as the world capital of sports in 2024.

Over 400 attendees rose to their feet and applauded the Bulgarian representatives.

To date, 14 Bulgarian cities have won the prestigious ACES EUROPE award, which places our country among the continent's top performers.

The ranking of sports cities now includes cities from all over the world.

"Montana is a recognized sports center in Bulgaria," said Zhivkov. Now we are becoming part of a global network united by the efforts of many people for the development of sports and the quality of life in cities.

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Montana has been working purposefully and consistently for years to improve the conditions for sports, and this is yielding results," he added.

Nearly 3,000 children train regularly in the schools of the 28 sports clubs in the city.

In the next year, school games will be restored.

Montana school teams have been national finalists 10 times in various team sports.

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