Aside from the excitement of the World Cup, people from all walks of life are also concerned about the safety of migrant workers in Qatar.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The 2022 Qatar World Cup is in full swing, but the authorities have always been accused of sacrificing the lives of many migrant workers in order to host the event.

Now it is reported that some migrant workers died during the game, and FIFA has admitted that there is indeed such a thing.

However, the response of World Football executives to the media was that "death is a part of life".

"CNN" reported that FIFA confirmed the death of an immigrant worker on Thursday local time. "FIFA is deeply saddened by this tragedy and expresses sympathy and thoughts to the worker's family." Provide more details. We will comment further on this once the relevant process is completed."

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The Qatari government stated that an official investigation into the case has been launched. "If the investigation results in non-compliance with safety regulations, the company will face legal responsibility and severe fines."

Asked by Reuters, Nasser Al Khater, World Cup chief executive, said: "We're in the midst of the tournament and we've had a successful World Cup. Is that something you want to talk about now? He said, "I mean, death is part of nature. Whether it's at work or when you sleep. Of course, our condolences go out to the family of the worker who died. But it's strange that your first concern is this matter."

The British "Guardian" previously reported that since Qatar was awarded the right to host the World Cup in 2010, 6,500 South Asian migrant workers have died, most of them in low-paid, dangerous labor, often in extreme heat.