Azerbaijan actively works with the Council of Europe (CoE), the CoE has provided significant support to the country in the field of human rights, democracy, fight against corruption, judicial reforms.

APA reports that Deputy Foreign Minister Mahmud Mammad-Guliyev said this at an event dedicated to 20 years of cooperation between Azerbaijan and the Council of Europe organized jointly by the Baku Office of the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan and ADA University.

The deputy minister said that over the past years, Azerbaijan has become an active member of the Council of Europe.

According to him, the President of the Council of Europe visited Azerbaijan in April of this year and the Action Plan was announced as part of his visit, which includes cooperation with the Council of Europe in various fields: "New priorities of cooperation with the Council of Europe were defined in the Action Plan.

Digitalization, human rights, climate, fight against human trafficking and other issues are mentioned here.

Human rights occupy an important place in the government's agenda, and important steps have been taken in this direction.

Work has been done in the direction of important reforms in the judicial system and it continues."

Mahmud Mammad-Guliyev emphasized that after the 44-day war, Azerbaijan liberated its occupied lands, and the restoration and reconstruction of these territories after the war occupies a central place in the country's development program: "The safe return of displaced persons to their homes is an important condition for peace.

Unfortunately, this process is delayed, because the mines placed in these areas by Armenia delay this process and seriously hinder the restoration work.

Mine maps submitted by Armenia to Azerbaijan are 25 percent accurate.

The demining process continues, but we are still suffering losses.

In the last two years, 268 citizens were victims of landmines, some of them were killed and some of them were seriously injured.

We also call on international organizations to support Azerbaijan in overcoming this problem."