Russian humorist

Maksym Galkin

and singer

Alla Pugacheva

together attended a concert of the legendary band "Bi-2" in Tel Aviv.

For a long time, the artist was on tour in various countries of the world and only recently was finally reunited with his family in Israel.

After Galkin's arrival, the star couple went to a rock band concert together.

The artist posted a video from the event on Instagram and did not forget to add that he was recognized as a "foreign agent" in Russia.

"Fantastic concert of "Bi-2" yesterday in Tel Aviv! The audience and mega-talented musicians in one breath. Hits and new songs from the new album. The song "Hallelujah" will now be in my playlist. Thank you guys for an unforgettable evening" - wrote Galkin.

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Yes, Galkin and Pugacheva enjoyed the performance of "Bi-2" in the VIP box.

During the performance of one of the group's hits, a live video was broadcast on the screen, during which the diva and her husband were also shown - they smiled and waved to the audience in the hall. 

Andriy Makarevych, who was recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation due to his anti-war stance, was also a special guest at the concert.

He performed a solo on the guitar during one of the songs "Bi-2".

We will remind that since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, Maksym Galkin spoke out against the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation and left for Israel with his family.

After the humorist's statements, the propaganda authorities recognized him as a "foreign agent" in Russia. 

The other day, Alla Pugacheva eloquently answered how she feels about the fact that commissioned articles are being written about her family in rosZMI.

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