Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov confirmed the holding of a meeting of Russian and US diplomats in Istanbul, Turkey.

APA reports that he also said that this meeting cannot be considered a signal for the restoration of dialogue between the two countries.

Ryabkov also added that during the meeting between Russian and US diplomats, irritating issues in bilateral relations will be discussed.

"Yes, indeed, a meeting at the level of diplomats is held in Istanbul. This is, in principle, a periodic event where irritating factors in bilateral relations are discussed. After a short break, we have resumed personal contact with the Americans," he said.



A meeting is held in Istanbul between Russian and US diplomats to discuss conflicting issues.

APA reports with reference to TASS that this was reported by a diplomatic source.

"A meeting of Russian and US diplomats is taking place in Istanbul today.

They also discuss controversial and vexing issues.

So what are the vexing issues?

This is the visa problem, the location of diplomatic delegations and how foreign diplomatic institutions operate, and other issues," the source said.