The chief shopkeeper invited the wanderer back to her natal home in the second year of junior high school with ingredients from her hometown.

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[Reporter Huang Xulei/Kaohsiung Report] In Neimen District, "Happily returning to my mother's house on the second day of junior high school, Hongtu Exhibition and Snacking Tables" has been affected by the epidemic for two years. It will reopen on January 23 next year, and 4 chief shopkeepers will show off their cooking skills 350 tables of dishes, inviting Kaohsiung wanderers to return to their mother's home on the second day of the Lunar New Year to eat home flavors.

The Bureau of Agriculture of Kaohsiung City, the Southern District Water Resources Bureau of the Water Conservancy Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Neimen District Farmers Association, and Neimen Nanhai Zizhu Temple held a publicity table meeting at the Neimen District Office today. The event is the highlight of Neimen every year. The resumption made the folks happy.

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Wang Zhengyi, deputy director of the Bureau of Agriculture, said that local fresh ingredients such as pheasant, sealed meat, and dried bamboo shoots are transformed into exquisite delicacies by the head shop master, so that returning children can relive the good taste of their hometown, and foreign tourists can taste the good taste of the inner door.

Hong Huihuang, director-general of the Neimen Farmers Association, said that the four chief shopkeepers are looking forward to the wanderers going back to Neimen for a walk and a good meal. This time, it is expected to open 350 tables, 6,600 yuan per table, with accompanying gifts and lottery tickets one sheet.

The Farmers Association said that the deadline for accepting applications from now until January 10 next year (2023), until the quota is full, please call 07-6672161, 07-6673737.

Neimen Hongtu Exhibition was held bustlingly.

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