Zhang Zhixiang (pictured), Director of Land Affairs Bureau of Taipei City, said frankly that both Jiang Wanan and Gao Hongan had contacted her, and in the end they would consider and evaluate whichever helped her more.

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[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] Jiang Wanan, the prospective Taipei Mayor, announced that the cabinet will be announced next week. It was previously reported that Zhang Zhixiang, the Director of Land Affairs, was expected to stay in office, and he had already nodded. Hsinchu City is the Secretary General of the Municipal Government.

Zhang Zhixiang did not deny it today (9th), and frankly said that he was in contact with each other. In the end, he will see which side is more helpful for consideration and evaluation.

Zhang Zhixiang used to be the director of Land Affairs Bureau of Mayor Lin Jialong in the front office. He was recommended to the Keshi government in 2018 and became the main driving force in handling the development of Shezi Island. Jiang Wan'an once called on Zhang Zhixiang, hoping that she would stay in the post, and it was also rumored that Zhang Zhixiang agreed.

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Now it is reported that Ke Wenzhe thought that Zhang Zhixiang was a talent, and recommended her to Gao Hongan in Hsinchu City to serve as the secretary-general of the Hsinchu City Government, which put her in a dilemma.

Zhang Zhixiang said frankly in the interview today that he has been in contact. It is normal for the new chief to consult many people. I am very grateful to be consulted. I am grateful for the kindness of officials from all walks of life. In the end, I will see which side I think is more helpful. I will use this To consider, to evaluate.

Zhang Zhixiang pointed out that for the part of Shezi Island, the city government’s affairs officers and colleagues will continue to assist in the promotion. This is also promoted by the entire city government. advance.