Liu Zhihua, a member of the Bamboo Union Gang, suspected that his relationship had changed. In 2016, he went to "Zhi Shan Tian Xia" to shoot.

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[Reporter Qiu Junfu/Taipei Report] Liu Zhihua, the deputy head of the Wantang of the Bamboo Union Gang, six years ago, because of emotional changes, was angry and took a German-made MP5K submachine gun to the square in front of the Palace Museum, toward the "Zhi Shan Tian Xia" community where his girlfriend lives. , crazily fired sixteen shots into the air, and was arrested and imprisoned. He just got out of prison more than a year ago, and this time he shot again because of emotional problems, and because of his impulsive personality, he directly broke out with the police and was shot in the head. Life is at stake.

Liu Zhihua, who opened fire and confronted the police, in the eyes of his friends, has a very tough style, especially because of his drug addiction. If the drug addiction breaks out, he will be impulsive and often violent.

In October 2016, due to emotional problems, Liu drove emotionally to the community where his girlfriend lived, and tried to drive into the community, but was stopped by community guards.

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After Liu was stopped, he stood outside the community and talked on the phone with his girlfriend for more than ten minutes, yelling "I will never accept your apology!" Then armed with a German-made MP5K submachine gun, he fired 16 shots into the air frantically. The police followed the line and arrested Liu. Pulled out a submachine gun and 378 rounds of bullets, the court sentenced Qiao to five years in prison in October, and Liu was released on parole last June.

It is reported that the main activities of the Bamboo Union Gang Wantang are in the Taoyuan area. In the past, they used events, underground banks, and violent debt collection as their main source of income. Members surnamed Wu of Wantang established an action group many years ago because they recruited young people. In order to collect debts, the police in the jurisdiction reported him as a target of peace and raided.

In recent years, members of Wantang have tended to keep a low profile, relying on pawnshops, loans, and projects as their main source of income, and rarely appear on social media. This time, Liu Zhihua, who has just been released from prison, broke out with police and robbers due to emotional problems, which once again aroused public security agencies. highly anticipated.

Liu Zhihua was arrested in 2016 for venting his anger because of a change in his relationship.

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