The man surnamed Ye almost died while swimming alone in the sea, and his companions waited anxiously on the shore.

(provided by readers)

[Reporter Huang Jialin/Kaohsiung Report] A 72-year-old man surnamed Ye and his wife entered the water from a sand ditch near Xizi Bay this morning. Call the police to assist; the police, firefighters, and sea patrols started searching after receiving the report, and successfully found Ye Nan, who had exhausted his strength, under the lighthouse. After working together, he pulled him ashore and successfully resolved a crisis.

The police and firefighters pointed out that when Ye Nan was found, he was already clinging to the wave absorbing block due to his physical decline. If the rescue was delayed a step further, tragedy might result. Refusing to be sent to the doctor can only warn him not to travel alone in the future to avoid danger.