The police and the deputy head of the Bamboo Union fought fire in the oven, and the police chief was almost shot.

(Photographed by reporter Qiu Junfu)

[Reporter Qiu Junfu/Taipei Report] Forty-nine-year-old Liu Zhihua, the deputy head of Wantang of the Bamboo Union Gang, was dissatisfied with a man surnamed Ye who works in the insurance industry and contacted his girlfriend in private. Negotiations at a residential house on Nanjing East Road, and called a younger brother surnamed Zhang to bring three standard pistols to the scene. Liu suspected that he shot Ye in the leg to teach him a lesson. According to reports, the Songshan Branch of the North City Police pursued him all the way to Zhonghe, New Taipei City yesterday morning. In front of the three-dimensional parking lot of Nanshan Fude Palace, a well-known scenic spot in the district, Liu Suan shot two shots at the police. The police immediately responded with 12 guns. He was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, and a standard pistol and eleven bullets were seized in Liu Suan's car, which showed that the gangster had strong firepower. Fortunately, no one was injured by the police.

Huang Mingzhao: Chinese people support strong police law enforcement

Director of Police Huang Mingzhao went to the Songshan Sub-bureau yesterday to award and commend the special case team, affirming that the police at the scene used guns boldly and correctly.

He said that the police forcefully enforced the law, boldly used guns to attack criminals, and immediately curbed the harm. The people of the country will support and affirm it, and the police will continue to do their best to maintain social order and security.

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Man shot in Beishi takes refuge in Zhonghe oven

According to the police investigation, Liu Zhihua usually has a bad habit of taking drugs. The day before yesterday afternoon, he discovered that his girlfriend surnamed Zheng met with Ye Nan and signed an insurance contract. He felt that the two had an ambiguous relationship and was very dissatisfied. At that time, Liu Dan was so angry that he couldn't get rid of it. He called a 49-year-old boy surnamed Zhang and brought three guns. When he couldn't agree, Liu took the gun and shot Ye Nan's right calf.

The Songshan police in the jurisdiction received a report that there was a person whose freedom was restricted. They sent officers to investigate and found Ye Nan who had been shot in the right calf in the toilet of the house. However, Liu and Zhang separated and fled taking advantage of the chaos. First aid, non-life-threatening.

The suspect was armed with three standard pistols with powerful firepower

The police chased him through the night. Yesterday morning, they found that Liu Sue was driving in the three-dimensional parking lot of Nanshan Ford Palace in the oven area. He immediately called for backup.

Liu suspected that he fired two shots in a row to resist arrest, and members of the special case team immediately fired back 12 shots. Liu suspected that he was shot in the head and leg and was seriously injured. He was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. indivual.

The police informed the younger brother surnamed Zhang to come to the case, and took him back to Ye Nan's friend's residence. Under the refrigerator and sofa, they found two standard pistols, a magazine, and a bullet that Zhang suspects had brought and hidden at the scene after the shooting.

During the police inquiry, although Zhang Suan said that the three standard guns belonged to Liu Suan, and he only obeyed orders to bring them to the scene, but the police believed that the confession was evasive, and it could not be ruled out that it was an operational arsenal of the hall, and they were expanding their investigation into the source of the guns. .

Police seized three firearms and ammunition.

(Photographed by reporter Qiu Junfu)