"Recently, only restrictive norms are reflected in additions and amendments to many laws."

APA reports that Gudrat Hasanguliyev, the deputy chairman of the Parliament's Legal Policy and State Building Committee, said this at today's session of the Milli Majlis.

The MP said that anyone who does a little research will see that, for example, the punishments are getting tougher: "Why do we sometimes toughen the punishments without justification?

That is, there is an increase in the number of crimes in this area, what is the reason for this?

Fines and fees are increased.

State bodies are empowered to set fees for their services to citizens.

Instead of liberalizing, we impose restrictions.

That is, this trend is visible and tangible.

We should try to liberalize our society in economic and other fields.

Gudrat Hasanguliyev noted that, according to the Constitution, the wings of the state power in Azerbaijan work together: "But when a deputy applies to the court, why are you procrastinating for many years, if the plaintiff is unjust, why don't you make a decision, delay for years and months?" if you do, he turns to blackmail and says that you cannot interfere in our business.

However, we must work in interaction.

When they tell the executive body, they say that we are an independent branch of the government, you cannot accept, issue, etc. instructions, decisions that are mandatory for us to execute.

But I don't see any serious opposition to the laws coming from them.

We vote and accept the incoming bills."

Speaker Sahiba Gafarova said that all draft laws go through very serious discussions: "Mr. Gudrat says that we should be even stricter and show our strength in the discussion of laws as the Milli Majlis.

I think there is logic in the speech."

Deputy Sabir Rustamkhanli also touched on the problems related to the creation of laws: "Since 2016, 146 changes have been made to the Code of Administrative Offenses, most of them are related to the increase of fees and fines.

I understand, there has to be some change.

But certain stability of the law is also important.

The goal of the law should be.

I want to draw attention to the importance of legislative creation, laws and the correct definition of its strategic goals."