Unfortunately, we have to be prepared for any scenario.

In particular, we need to know how to identify


and what pre-medical assistance should be provided to the victim in order to avoid harm.

The Ministry of Health writes about it. 

Stage 1: Fever, weakness, fatigue and drowsiness appear, fine (cold) muscle tremors and "goosebumps" develop.

Stage 2: Cold shivering reaches its maximum, superficial cooling appears, drowsiness turns into a disorder of consciousness.

Stage 3: Suppression of chills indicates very dangerous cooling (hypothermia), which can lead to respiratory and cardiac arrest.

The victim may be unconscious.

At this stage, it is extremely important to provide urgent help - without it, a person can die.

Cold injury can be provoked by the following factors:

  • high humidity (even a long stay at a temperature of +5 — +8 °С0, but high humidity can cause cold injury in a person);

  • wind (the presence of wind significantly increases heat loss);

  • chronic diseases/excessive fatigue in a person;

  • alcohol consumption;

  • belonging to certain groups (children, the elderly are especially sensitive to the effects of low temperatures due to the peculiarities of heat exchange processes in the body);

  • wearing tight uncomfortable shoes, light clothes.

First aid in case of hypothermia:

  • Make sure you, the victim, and others are safe.

  • Move to a warm room.

  • Calm the victim, explain further actions.

  • Call "103" and follow the dispatcher's instructions.

  • Remove cold or wet clothing from the victim.

  • Give him a non-alcoholic warm drink.

  • Cover with a thermal cover or a blanket and be nearby until the medics arrive.

  • If the person's condition worsens, call 103 again.

  • If the victim is unconscious and has no signs of life, start cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

  • How to avoid hypothermia

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