Military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained how Russia's transfer of its bombers as far as the Murmansk region will affect the enemy's missile strikes on Ukraine.

He told about this in an exclusive interview with

Zhdanov confirmed that after the "cotton" at the Diaghilev (Ryazan Oblast) and Engels (Saratov Oblast) airfields, Russia is hiding its strategic bombers almost 2,000 km away near the Arctic Circle in the Murmansk Oblast.

"Part of the planes were driven there. And now how to launch missile strikes? There is no material base there to hang the missiles and maintain the planes. And they are afraid to keep the planes in "Engels" so that our drones don't get them," he said.

The expert explained that the Ukrainian side now has a "time advantage" before the Russians plan to attack with missiles again.

"We can now observe. We have a head start on time. If they are going to transport missiles to the planes there beyond the Arctic Circle, it is very long and technically very difficult. Therefore, technically, most likely they will drive the planes to "Engels" and near Ryazan, to equip and strike. And we will clearly understand when they will be ready. Or maybe, while they are preparing these planes for strikes, someone or something will fly through this airfield," concluded Zhdanov.

"Cotton" at military airfields of the Russian Federation: what is known

We will remind, on December 5, explosions rang out

at the Russian airfields "Diaghilev" (Ryazan region) and "Engels" (Saratov region) 

Two enemy Tu-95 strategic bombers were damaged and three Russian servicemen were killed as a result of the explosion at the Engels airfield.

A satellite image of the Diaghilev Air Base shows traces of burning around the Tu-22M3 aircraft, which was supposed to bomb Ukrainian cities.

On December 6, "cotton" happened again in Russia

- this time 

at the airfield in Kursk.

The occupiers also claimed to have been struck by drones.

The American publication Politico claims that the strikes were carried out by modified drones of the Soviet Tu-141 "Stryzh" model.

Commenting on the "cotton" at Russian airfields, NATO admitted that Ukraine has the right to defend itself against Russian attacks.

However, the Ukrainian side has not officially confirmed or denied its responsibility for the explosions, saying that only Russia is responsible for the explosions at the airfields.

CNN analyzed how Russia can take revenge for these explosions.

Experts assessed the possibility of Russia using chemical or nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

The Financial Times, citing an anonymous Ukrainian official, writes that the Ukrainians can now strike even in Siberia.

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