According to DW, the Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, is closely watching the events that take place after the purchase of the Twitter social network by billionaire Elon Musk and is looking for alternatives just in case.

This was reported by the representative of the German government, Steffen Gebestreit, in the podcast of the publishing group Redaktionsnetzwerks Deutschland, which was broadcast on the night of Friday, December 9.

According to Gebestreit, the chancellor's team, on the one hand, is watching "the development of this platform, and on the other hand, the alternatives that can be used."

"We want to use multiple channels to reach users exactly on the services they use," said Gebestreit, who has just under a hundred thousand followers on Twitter.

Scholz himself has 600,000 of them.

Although finding an alternative to Twitter will not be easy, "we cannot turn a blind eye if the number of problematic trends continues to grow," added a German government official.

Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter in late October, after which he said that the company was spending too much money and fired about half of the employees.

He offered those left behind to work overtime — and placed sleeping places in the office in San Francisco.

In addition, Musk warned that the company will soon be doing "a lot of stupid things" to get the job done.

Critics fear that Musk has radically reduced vetting of objectionable content, which will turn the platform into a breeding ground for hate and misinformation.

The Prime Minister of the German federal state of Lower Saxony Stefan Weil has already announced his departure from Twitter.

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