It's a comfortable Saturday today. Let's talk about good news in the country.

The December edition of the Money and Banking Journal has just announced the results.

"Financialist of the Year 2022" and "Thai Stock Millionaire Champion 2022", which is a big surprise in Thai stock millionaires this year is

The number 2 stock millionaire is a dark horse from across the border from Lao PDR that no one knows.

Suddenly rushed up

The richest stock-millionaire, ranked 2nd in the Thai stock market.

With a wealth of over 81,630 million baht and also holding shares in a huge power project in Lao PDR along with Thai people

Thai stock millionaire from Lao PDR. Who is she? Where did she come from?

Let's talk about each other soon.

The first person to congratulate is Khun Vithai Rattanakorn, Director of the Government Savings Bank, owner of the policy.

"Social Bank Social Bank" has created works as a banker during the 3 years that he became

Director of Government Savings Bank

Until being able to win an honorary award

"Politician of the Year 2022, Financier of the Year 2022" from Money and Banking Magazine

successfully conquered

Passed the criteria for judging in all 4 aspects of the Money and Banking Magazine

unanimously as

A financier with farsightedness, modernity, honesty to the profession.

Create growth for the organization

and have social responsibility as a whole

With the concept of "social banking", many people wonder.

And how to make a profit for the bank, but Khun Vithai made a substantial profit for the Government Savings Bank in 2019 with a net profit of 24,208 million baht, in 2020 with a net profit of 18,660 million baht, in 2021 with a net profit of 25,260 million baht by Mr. Withai Has penetrated into the Non-Bank business to help people at the grassroots level.

Press the car registration pledge interest in the market, reducing from 28% down to 16-18%, granting "SMEs with money" loans to SMEs with land as collateral to increase liquidity in the amount of more than 21,250 million baht and release More than 1.7 million Micro Finance microfinance loans via the MyMo app, with a credit limit of more than 30 billion baht. Currently, the MyMo app has over 13 million customers. Congratulations to Khun Vithai Rattanakorn, financier of the year 2022. The work is done and I admit that it's really good.

The next person to be congratulated is Mr. Sarath Ratanawadi or "Sia Klang", the owner of Gulf Energy, who has expanded his empire to become the owner of the telecommunication business Intouch, AIS and Thaicom Satellite.

as well as a deep sea port

But the stocks that are counted are only those listed on the Thai stock market. "Sia Klang" can maintain the championship

"Thai Stock Millionaire 2022" according to the ranking of the Money and Banking Magazine for the 4th year in a row with a wealth of 218,981 million baht if counting all available stocks or assets.

Should be more than twice as much in 2022, if the Thai GDP grows another 3.5% as the NESDB predicts, "Sia Klang" will become much more rich than this year.

The most surprising Thai stock millionaire this year is Ms. Panicha Dao, 80% of the largest shareholders, number 1 in PSG Corporation Public Company Limited (PSG), with a share value of up to 81,630 million baht, but has no position. In the company, Money and Banking Journal reported that Khun Panicha Dao is the wife of Mr. David Van Dao, CEO of PSG, a capital group from Lao PDR that took over T Engineering Public Company Limited.


on the stock market

With a value of 2 satang per share, 54,044 million shares, approximately 1,080 million baht as of September 30, PSG shares were at 1.57 baht, worth over 80 billion baht.

Banking finance data indicates that she and her husband hold a majority stake in

Luang Prabang Power Company Project owner

Luang Prabang Hydroelectric Power Dam with an annual capacity of 1,460 megawatts, a 32-year concession from the power supply date, with Ch. Karnchang Group holding shares in this project as well.

The Thai economy has many opportunities.

Neighboring wealthy people all settled down in Thailand.

If the government manages well and is good

You don't have to go for a free tax reduction until selling the national land for incentives. Just be "transparent."

Play according to international rules ′′ Thailand is rich and doesn't know anything about it.

"The Wind Changes Direction"