Lin's Sandimen Township Candidate was suspected of buying tickets, and was also investigated by the prosecutors when he was unsuccessful.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)

[Reporter Ye Yongqian/Pingtung Report] Pingtung County Sandimen Township Lin surnamed candidate was suspected of buying tickets. Chief Prosecutor Liu Xiuyan and Prosecutor Huang Wanlun commanded the Pingtung County Police to set up a task force to collect evidence. Yesterday (8th) more than 20 people were searched and subpoenaed. Candidates surnamed Lin paid 100,000 yuan on bail, and three piles paid 50,000 to 80,000 yuan on bail pending submission.

Prosecutors pointed out that Lin’s rural candidate took 220,000 yuan to entrust relatives and friends surnamed Bao, Dong, and Chen to help buy tickets separately. 7,000 yuan is given to the Zhuangjiao surnamed Chen, and each Zhuangjiao buys a ticket with 1 ticket of 1,000 yuan.

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Candidate surnamed Lin lost the election. Afterwards, the Pingtung District Prosecutor’s Office learned of the election bribery information. It launched a search and subpoena yesterday. The stakes were seized and the bribes were not released in time and voters returned the bribes. The total amount of bribes was 212,000 yuan. 100,000 yuan for a person, 80,000 yuan for a Zhuangjiao surnamed Bao, 50,000 yuan for a Zhuangjiao surnamed Dong, and 50,000 yuan for a Zhuangjiao surnamed Chen.