On the night of December 9, a large

fire broke out

in the large shopping complex "Mega Khimki", located on the Leningrad highway near the border of Moscow and the Moscow region.

This is written by the RBC propaganda publication.

Emergency services officials said that an explosion occurred in the hypermarket, after which the structures began to collapse.

It is reported that the shopping center burned to the ground.

The regional emergency department specified that the area of ​​the fire was 7,000 square meters, it received the fourth category of complexity - one of the highest.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation noted that the roof of the "OBI" hypermarket caught fire.

According to preliminary data, there are no casualties.

We will remind:

  • in Moscow, a fire broke


    at the Mikoyaniv meat processing plant in the evening of December 2

  • in Perm, Russia, on November 30,

     CHP-9 burned down, 

    which provides energy for oil refining and is one of the main sources of heat for the left-bank part of the city

  • On November 29, the sounds of explosions

     were heard in the Kursk region 

     and there were problems with electricity