In the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius - the country's largest memorial to Soviet soldiers, located at the Antakal cemetery, was dismantled.

 This was reported by the local news agency LRT.

The mayor of the city, Remigius Šimašius, emphasized that the entire process was carried out according to Western standards.

The work lasted several weeks.

The Lithuanian authorities planned the dismantling even before November 1 of this year.

However, the UN Human Rights Committee said it would take the memorial under its temporary protection and urged the city authorities to refrain from demolition.

The reason for this decision of the international organization was the appeal of several citizens of Lithuania who identify themselves as ethnic Russians.

In their opinion, this violates the rights of national minorities in the country.

Photo: Associated Press

Afterwards, Lithuania's Justice Minister Evelina Dobrovolska said that Lithuania would appeal the UN decision, as the organization, she said, had been misled.

The mayor of Vilnius also emphasized that the demolition of the monument will begin in November, despite the recommendations of the committee.

We will remind you that earlier in Vilnius they decided to rename the street where the Russian embassy is located.

It will be called "Ukrainian Heroes Street".

And in Finland, on October 4, 

the last statue of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin was demolished.

 In the city of Kotka, where the bust stood, dozens of people gathered to see the dismantling with their own eyes.

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