A group of 5 able-bodied men turned themselves in after holding a former student who demanded 1 million baht online gambling and beating the victim until his body fell apart, with 2 of the 5 nephews "Chat Tao Poon", another former national badminton player.

Later, the victim's father asked to clear the debt first, 100,000 baht,

and the rest will be gradually returned in installments.

until the group of villains agreed to release his son

The police detained the accused in custody

The court granted a temporary release on bail of 50,000 baht per person.

From the incident of a group of strong men holding Mr. Akkaphon Wang, 21, a former student at a famous university in the Rangsit area.

Went to assault, seriously injured.

To demand a debt owed for online gambling, totaling 1 million baht, the culprit forced Mr. Akrapon to contact his father to bring money to clear negotiations, agreeing to pay 100,000 baht, and the rest will gradually compensate.

At that time, the victim was beaten and filled with liquor until he was intoxicated, taken in a van and dumped on the side of Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road.

Opposite Paolo Rangsit Hospital, file a complaint at Klong Luang Police Station, Pathum Thani Province.

Progress on the morning of December 9, Pol. Col. Amonthep Maima, Sor. (Investigation), Khlong Luang Police Station, Pathum Thani Province, surrendered to a group of 5 perpetrators, consisting of 1. Mr. Sittichok or Tong Thammaraksa, 31 years old, 2. Mr. Bodin or Art Issara, 31 years old, 3. Mr. Anusorn or Pik Boonliang, 42 years old, 4. Mr. Thaweesak or Num In Ounchot, 50 years old, and 5. Mr. Polok Rit or Tone Suksamran, 44 years old, traveled with a lawyer.

Investigators spent 5 hours interrogating them, reporting allegations of physical assault, imprisonment.

and attempted extortion

According to investigations, 2 of the 5 perpetrators were famous people.

Mr. Sitthichoke Thammaraksa is the grandson of Mr. Chatchawan Kongudom, Chairman of the Thai Local Power Party Advisory Board.

and Mr. Badin Issara, a Thai national badminton player

Degree champion in badminton, men's doubles, many items

And also received a bronze medal from the 2019 SEA Games held in the Philippines in 2016, there was a scandal in the sports industry.

While Mr. Badin went to compete in badminton with Mr. Maniphong Jongchit, Canadian Open in Canada.

Both of them have a nickname in the industry that

"Hell's partner is broken" because it has an aggressive playing style.

During the match there was a fight among themselves.

Causing the competition management to adjust to lose immediately

Later, at 1:30 p.m., the police detained all 5 accused and deposited them at the Thanyaburi Provincial Court. The accused's lawyer applied for bail.

The court granted bail of 50,000 baht per person, released temporarily.

Then the accused group hurried back immediately.

This case follows from the past 6 months, Mr. Akraphon.

The victim is a former student to borrow money. The accused group is divided into 2 parts. The first part is a debt that runs a business selling e-cigarettes together in the amount of 450,000 baht. Later, Mr. Akarapon takes the money for personal use. Let Mr. Akraphon gamble online for 550,000 baht, a total of 1 million baht.

Before the incident made an appointment with Mr. Akkarapon to go to a house in Tao Poon area.

in order to demand money but not given, therefore being physically abused

Then seize a black Volvo XC 60, registration no. 678, Bangkok, price 3.

4 million victims

expected to pledge

Later, the victim went to a rate shop in Rangsit area, was followed by a group of accused to collect debts and dragged himself to mob and assault.

carried in the car to a warehouse and practiced until

Then call the victim's father to negotiate the debt of 100,000 baht, and the rest will be paid in installments.

until Mr. Akaraphon was released on the side of Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road

file a complaint at Khlong Luang Police Station