Violent debt collection Sansha tied firecrackers to the debtor and lit them, jokingly calling it bombing Handan. The second trial upheld the first trial verdict and sentenced him to 7 years and 10 months in prison.

The picture shows the folk activities of bombing Handan, which has nothing to do with this case.

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[Reporter Wu Zhengfeng/Taipei Report] Chen, Lu, Wu and other three men collected debts for others, took the debtor Xiaochang (pseudonym) away, stripped off his clothes and beat him, and put firecrackers on Xiaochang and lit them in his mouth, jokingly called "exploding Handan ", and then forced Xiaochang to drink body soap, and even forcibly inserted a funnel into his anus, force-fed mineral water and tortured him. The methods were cruel. He was sentenced to 7 years and 10 months in prison by the New Taipei District Court in the first instance for crimes such as aggravated forced sexual intercourse; the second-instance high court held that The judgment of the first instance was correct and was upheld a few days ago.

The verdict pointed out that the three men were entrusted to collect debts. In August 2021, Xiaochang was forcibly taken away and taken to the mountainous area. They beat him violently and insulted him. I'm sorry, can I not?" Xiaochang couldn't raise money smoothly, so he was taken back to the rented house to pay off the debt. Seeing that there were no valuables, Sansha took him to the mountainous area and beat him with a bat and slashed his arms with a machete. .

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Xiaochang was ordered to take off his clothes, hang firecrackers on his body and bite the box of the cannons, and Chen Nan ignited them, while blowing them up once, jokingly called "bombing Handan".

Xiaochang was so bombed that his whole body trembled and he shouted "It hurts" and "I'm sorry".

Seeing that the firecrackers were burnt out, San Sha poured cold water on him, forced him to drink body soap, and took out a funnel to force him to drink, threatening to say, "Give me a drink! Don't piss, I'll hit you if you piss!"

Sansha was addicted to the abuse, and asked Xiaochang to change to a prone position, inserted a funnel into Xiaochang's anus, forced to pour bath milk and mineral water, and cheered and scolded "Are you happy?" Sha ordered to stand at attention, begging for mercy was invalid, and was beaten again with a bat, and was also asked to change into women's clothes to please the people present.

San Sha recorded the crime process with his mobile phone and uploaded it to the group for fun.

It wasn't until the police were informed of the kidnapping case reported by the public that they checked the surveillance cameras and successfully rescued Xiaochang from the scene of the abuse and escaped from the sea of ​​misery.

The New North District Court of First Instance found that Sansha's actions were cruel, and they were each sentenced to seven years and ten months in prison.

Sannan felt that the sentence was too severe and appealed for a reduction in sentence.

The High Court of Second Instance pointed out that when sentencing in the first instance, it had considered all the circumstances of the criminal law in detail and comprehensively considered it. The sentence of 7 years and 10 months belonged to the exercise of discretionary power of punishment, which did not exceed the scope stipulated by the law, and there was no abuse of authority.

Sannan and Xiaochang did not know each other, and they committed the crime simply because they were collecting debts for others. It is difficult to see that the sentencing of the first instance was inappropriate or illegal, so Sannan's appeal was dismissed.

The entire case is still subject to appeal.