The Democratic Progressive Party Caucus of the Legislative Yuan this Monday threw out the concept of the "Election Strike Law" to eliminate gangsters and amend the law, which has attracted attention.

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[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] The "Public Official Election and Recall Law" has attracted much attention. The Democratic Progressive Party of the Legislative Yuan proposed the idea of ​​amending the law, and the Executive Yuan will also propose the Political Yuan version.

In this regard, the Democratic Progressive Party pointed out today (9) that while the Kuomintang is talking about anti-criminalism, it uses the party's provisions as a fig leaf and uses two-sided tactics to deceive the people.

The Democratic Progressive Party stated through Facebook tonight that in order to respond to public expectations, Executive Premier Su Zhenchang asked political commissar Luo Bingcheng and the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice and other relevant ministries and committees to discuss how to eliminate black, gold, guns, drugs, etc. Waiting for the relevant personnel to stand for election, and announced that next Thursday's session will pass the draft of the "Election Recall Law" to eliminate gangsters and send it to the Legislative Yuan for consideration as soon as possible.

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"Call on the KMT not to say one thing, but to do another thing." The DPP revealed that the KMT said that the anti-gang amendments were unfair to rehabilitated people, and that they would not be nominated if they were "guilty in the first trial." It was found that some people were gang leaders, some were involved in police killings, some were the targets of peacekeeping projects, and there were even "ex-criminal teams" composed of sentenced persons, but none of them were dismissed because of their guilt. ", and returned to the party after being sentenced.

The Democratic Progressive Party criticized that while the KMT said it would fight gangsters, it used the party's provisions as a fig leaf and deceived the people with two-faced tactics.

The Democratic Progressive Party also emphasized that the anti-criminal law revision of public officials is a reform direction that is highly anticipated by the whole people. It calls on all political parties in the ruling and opposition parties to stop spitting, stop match-fixing, use actions to support it, and speed up the amendment process to meet the expectations of the people of the country.