In the case on October 9, the Ban Pet Police Station, Khon Kaen Province, found the body of Mr. Panom Thipratanamongkol, 40, who was shot dead at the entrance to Khon Kaen Airport, Ban Pet Subdistrict, Mueang District, Khon Kaen Province.

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak

Kittipraphat, the police chief, ordered Pol Gen Surachet Hakpal, deputy police chief, to supervise the investigation and arrest the perpetrators of this case to prosecute them as soon as possible.

It's a shocking case.

Pol. Gen. Surachet ordered Pol. Lt. Gen. Yanyong Vej-Osoth, Commander-in-Chief of Region 4, Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppakao Somanus, Chief of Police of Khon Kaen Province, and Pol. Col. Surasak Mano. Thai, Superintendent of Ban Pet Police Station

Expedite the investigation, it was found that before the incident on October 8, Mr. Phanom, who died, offered to sell a pawned pickup truck to Mr. Pantarat or Koh Hansuri, agreeing to transfer the deposit first of 19,000 baht and make an appointment to pay the rest. actual pick-up date

On the date of delivery of the car at the PTT gas station, Nong Phok District, Roi Et Province, Mr. Phanom took 2 friends with him, and Mr. Pantarat came with Mr. Chirawut or Benz Thongsuebsai, but when they met

Mr. Pantarat claimed that the cash he had prepared was not enough to pay.

There will be money transferred from Laos the next morning and have requested to postpone the pick up date.

Later, on the morning of October 9, Mr. Pantarat made an appointment for Mr. Panom to drive him to the entrance of Khon Kaen Airport at the scene of the accident.

When he arrived, he found that Mr. Pantarat came with 5 people driving a Honda car.

Come down to talk. Mr. Pantarat pulls out a firearm.

Mr. Phanom tried to run away but was shot 3 times and died on the spot.

Gathering evidence and issuing arrest warrants for 5 suspects, Mr. Pantarat or Koh Hansuri, 18 years old, Mr. Jirawut or Benz Thongsuebsai, 26 years old, Mr. Thanapon or X Wongsomboon, 22 years old, Mr. Kiattisak or Bas Jaraskai, 22 years old. 26 years old, Mr. Apichart or Phew Takengsuk, 22 years old

Initially, the Investigation Division 4 led the force to arrest Mr. Thanapon, Mr. Kiattisak and Mr. Apichart, while Mr. Pantarat and Mr. Jirawut fled across the border to hide in Lao PDR.

Police General Surachet

Coordinate with the Lao authorities asking for cooperation to arrest the accused and deliver them at the Nong Khai immigration checkpoint.

take him back for prosecution

It is another case that demonstrates the good relations between Thai and Lao officials.

Ready to cooperate in the suppression of crime that occurs in both countries.

It shows the seriousness of the police who are interested in tracking and arresting the accused even if they flee abroad.

It is considered to build confidence in the work of the police.

to the eyes of people in the area even more.

"Plueng Payak"