The fire in the city in the city was corrected by the Overwatch Council. The Kaohsiung City Government emphasized that it respects the investigation and continues to improve.

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[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] Last year, a major fire broke out in a building in Kaohsiung City. The Control Yuan corrected the Kaohsiung City Government and the Ministry of the Interior.

The Gao City Hall responded tonight, saying that it respects the findings of the Overwatch Council’s investigation report and will continue to improve and refine relevant actions to ensure the safety of citizens’ lives and property.

On October 14 last year, the city building in Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City was set on fire, causing 46 deaths and 41 injuries.

The Control Yuan pointed out today that the Gaoshi government allowed the closed shopping mall on the first floor of the building, parked a large number of motorcycles in violation of regulations, failed to detect the defect of its fire door and the destruction of the fire protection zone, did not actively guide the establishment of a management committee, and the fire safety inspection was passive and ineffective. Form, the Ministry of the Interior also neglected to supervise.

The Internal Affairs and Ethnic Groups Committee of the Control Yuan passed the proposal of the supervisory committee members Shi Jinfang, Wang Lizhen, and Ye Yijin to correct Gao City Hall and the Ministry of Interior.

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Gao City Hall responded tonight, saying that in response to the fire in the city, the city hall immediately set up a special investigation team and published a review report on the Internet, pointing out various deficiencies in the Fire Department and the Public Works Bureau, requiring improvement and punishment complete.

The city government respects the content of today’s correction by the Control Yuan, and will actively review and strengthen improvements based on the investigation report of the Control Yuan to safeguard citizens’ property and public safety.

Regarding the findings of the Board of Supervisors, the Kaohsiung Municipal Public Works Bureau also expressed respect, emphasizing that after the city-in-the-city fire incident, it has strengthened its efforts, including mandatory removal of escape facilities in old buildings, formulating a subsidy plan for repairing fire doors, and announcing the implementation of Kaohsiung City. Specific improvement measures such as "Regulations for Public Safety of Buildings for 8th to 15th-floor Congregate Housing" and the formulation of "Kaohsiung City Apartment Building Guidance and Management Self-government Regulations".

In addition, the Kaohsiung City Fire Department has also made relevant initiatives, including three major subsidy measures for old buildings, increasing the rate of police installations, and establishing the "Supervisory Report on Maintenance of Public Safety", with the mayor as the convener, inviting experts, scholars and relevant The heads of the bureaus hold regular meetings every two months to establish a cross-agency coordination operation platform for public security business and improve the effectiveness of public security policy implementation.

At the same time, according to the content of the investigation report of the Overwatch Council, we will actively improve and maintain the safety of citizens.