Cai Changcai, a fisherman in Budai Township, Chiayi County, kept the water 10 cm deep when cleaning the pond. Many black-faced spoonbills came to forage for food and "eat buffet".

(Provided by Cai Changcai)

[Reporter Lin Yizhang/Report from Chiayi] Budai Township, Chiayi County is an important habitat for migratory birds in China. Not only do migratory birds come to spend the winter in the Budai Salt Field Wetland, but the fishermen have been busy cleaning the pond recently. Cai Changcai, a fisherman in Budai Xinyan, responded to the friendly migratory birds and cleared the pond. At that time, about 10 cm of water was left to allow the birds to forage, and dozens of protected black-faced spoonbills were photographed at close range foraging in the fish pond in Qingchi. People laughed and said, "Come and eat the buffet! "

The Budai Yantian Wetland is 343 hectares adopted by the Wild Bird Society of Kaohsiung to create an environment suitable for birds to inhabit. This year, more than 1,000 black-faced spoonbills have arrived, breaking the local record for the number of observations.

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Cai Changcai said that in recent years, the government has advised fishermen to keep water about 10 centimeters deep before pumping water to dry the ponds, so that migratory birds can forage. It just helps to clean up the trash fish and shrimps in the ponds, and the bottom of the ponds will be relatively clean. Without fish farms and clear ponds, Heipi would go to the Yantian Wetland to eat some fish, shrimp or plankton.

Cai Changcai said that in recent years, black-faced spoonbills have visited the fish pond for food many times, and this year there were 83 spoonbills in the same fish pond at the same time.

Yesterday he posted a video of a black-faced spoonbill hungry for food in a fish pond on Facebook. Netizens laughed and said, "This pool has a lot of buffet dishes!" and "This is what Binhai should look like."

Fisherman Cai Changcai kept 10 centimeters of water in the fish pond, which attracted many black-faced spoonbills to forage. In May this year, 83 black-faced spoonbills were foraging in the same fish pond at the same time.

(Provided by Cai Changcai)

Cai Changcai Fish Farm Clearing Pool retains 10 cm deep water, which attracts many black-faced spoonbills to forage.

(Provided by Cai Changcai)